Religious Riots Prompt Denmark To Consider Outlawing Burning Of Sacred Texts

Written by Wes Walker on August 1, 2023

This is one of those scenarios that would make the ‘all cultures are equal’ people squirm awkwardly in their seats.

Because of the West’s commitment to freedom of expression — which necessarily includes both speech and religion — it has long been permissible to burn books with which you disagree as a form of lawful protest. This includes religious books

European atheists have no scruples that would make them object to destroying, defacing, or burning a Christian Bible. Heck, there are entire art shows built around deliberately offending Christian sensibilities.

But let one guy treat the Koran with the same contempt that is so freely shown to the Bible, and all hell breaks loose.

Foreign Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen said in an interview with the Danish public broadcaster DR that the burning of holy scriptures “only serves the purpose of creating division in a world that actually needs unity.”

“That is why we have decided in the government that we will look at how, in very special situations, we can put an end to mockery of other countries, which is in direct conflict with Danish interests and the safety of the Danes,” he said.
“There must be room for religious criticism, and we have no thoughts of reintroducing a blasphemy clause,” he told DR. “But when you stand up in front of a foreign embassy and burn a Quran or burn the Torah scroll in front of the Israeli embassy, it serves no other purpose than to mock.”

His comments followed a statement issued late Sunday by the Danish government saying freedom of expression is one of the most important values in Danish society.

But, it added, the descreation of the Muslim holy book in Denmark has resulted in the nation being viewed in many places around the world “as a country that facilitates insult and denigration of the cultures, religions, and traditions of other countries.” — AP

They’re not going to reintroduce a blasphemy clause… so they say.

But they don’t want someone who escaped Iran’s oppressive theocracy to be allowed to torch a Koran because it will ‘offend’ people.

Let’s face facts. This isn’t motivated by any special newfound respect the people of Denmark might have for deeply-held religious convictions.

This is motivated by fear of reprisal, pure and simple.

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