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Documentary Explains How Climate Extremists Are Targeting Farmers … And Why That’s Dangerous (VIDEO)

A newly released documentary on the plight of the Dutch farmers is a must-watch for anyone concerned about the climate cult’s plans to “fix” the climate.

James Patrick’s new documentary, Nitrogen 2000: The Dutch Farmers’ Struggle covers the conflict behind the recent farmers’ protests in Holland that gained global media attention.

Here’s the teaser for the movie from the website:

Nitrogen 2000 is a 45-minute documentary on the Dutch Farmer struggle of 2019-23. 70% of Holland is owned by small cattle farmers and since 2019, the Dutch government has been advocating a 50% forced buy out of their land. This amounts to a nationalization of a third of the territory of Holland. Will this plan play out? Will the farmers be able to resist this encroachment?

There is a war being waged on nitrogen — a component of fertilizer that is essential for farming.

NGOs are a big part of the push to boot farmers off of their land, and it’s not exactly for humanitarian reasons.

Our casually evil “betters” — like Bill Gates, Klaus Schwabb, and others — want you to give up eating meat in order to “eat zee bugz” so that they can enact their Bond-villain-like plans of global control to protect the Earth from the “Climate Catastrophe” that is modern, human life. Whether it’s blocking the sun’s rays the way that Gates wants or the WEF’s advocacy for creating a reprogrammable population through coercive policies like central bank digital currencies tied to social credit scores and transhuman bio-hacking, there’s just one thing that’s standing in their way — normal people who know what they’re talking about.

Here’s Professor Han Lindeboom, an environmental scientist, who quashes the idea that nitrogen is a problem and compares the models the “experts” use to a “holy belief.”

This isn’t anything new. Targeting farmers has been done time and again by people who don’t understand farming at all. As you can imagine, it has had disastrous consequences.

For roughly the price of a fancy coffee, you can watch the full movie at Big Picture.

This documentary on Dutch farmers is an important one. The Gaia-worshipping globalists aren’t going to stop with them — they’re going to expand it to all farmers everywhere. It’s already happening.

In the smiley-faced authoritarian dystopia of Canada, the woke Trudeau government wants farmers to reduce their use of fertilizer.

“Trudeau pushes ahead on fertilizer reduction as provinces and farmers cry foul” — Toronto Sun, July 22, 2022.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is pushing for a global reduction in fertilizer use to combat the “climate crisis.”

Global Fertilizer Challenge

They call it a “challenge” and it’s unclear if that means fertilizer use is a problem that needs to be addressed or that they want global leaders to tank their agriculture industry and post the videos to TikTok kinda like the way a bunch of dunder-headed Gen-Zers were eating Tide Pods or tablespoons of cinnamon hoping to go viral.

Either way, it seems like a bad approach that may not end well.

K. Walker

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