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Dove’s ‘Fat Liberation’ Partner Is A BLM Race-Hoaxer That Ruined A Young Woman’s Life

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It’s time to Bud Light ’em.

Dove is facing a boycott the same way that Bud Light and Target have been boycotted in recent months over their pro-transgender stances — Bud for the paid endorsement by womanface aficionado Dylan Mulvaney, and Target for “Pride” onsies, “tuck-friendly” and breast-binding swimwear, and partnering with a trans-identifying satanist with violent artwork.

The skin- and hair-care brand, however, is instead promoting the idea of “fat liberation” with a very, very large Black Lives Matter activist who giddily destroyed a fellow University of Virginia student’s life over a “misheard” comment back in 2020.

Dove has partnered with a black activist accused of ruining a white student’s life over a ‘misheard’ remark, with the activist promoting ‘fat liberation’ in a bizarre and controversial new campaign.
The beauty brand has teamed up with Zyahna Bryant, a community organizer and student activist studying at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.
Bryant, 22, claimed that she had overheard a white student named Morgan Bettinger threaten Black Lives Matter protesters in Charlottesville in July 2020 after she used the phrase ‘speed bumps’ while describing the protest that she saw.
But Bryant later admitted she may have ‘misheard’, after gleefully watching and joining-in as Bettinger was canceled and her life was destroyed.
Bettinger was subjected to a torrent of abuse and a campaign to remove her from UVA. Staff and students ganged up against her and scuppered her future prospects.
Despite the controversy, Dove has chosen Bryant as one of their ‘paid partners’ – a loose advertising and promotional tie-up, similar to that Bud Light offered to trans activist Dylan Mulvaney.
Source: Daily Mail

If you’re late to this story, you’re not alone. Daily Wire’s Brett Cooper covered the story in May of this year. Here’s her Quick’n’Dirty review of how Zyahna Bryant ruined Morgan Bettinger’s life and continues to benefit from it.

Zyahna Bryant has been quoted in Bustle.

She was even profiled in The Washington Post.

Greg Price, communications director for the State Freedom Caucus Network, nails it in his post.


Now that Bryant has successfully used the race-grifting, she’s moving on to bigger things. Much bigger things — normalizing obesity.

Some normal people might find it surprising that the concept of “fat liberation” does not actually mean liberating oneself from fat. It apparently means that we should instead stop telling fat people that they should really try to lose weight because being fat is unhealthy and that obesity not only affects their lifespan but their quality of life as well.

Nope. None of that talk! Bryant just won’t have it. She thinks it’s more important to “center” the voices and experiences of fat people and change the world to accommodate them.

Bryant speaks about her view of “fat liberation” in an Instagram video.

“My belief is that we should be centering the voices and experiences of the most marginalized people and communities at all times,” begins Bryant.

Does she realize that she’s advocating a tyranny of the minority? Probably. And that’s the point for these Neo-Marxists — it’s an inversion of the current system. The marjority — aka “Normies” — should be marginalized because they are the majority and the minority should be elevated.

So, when I think about what fat liberation looks like to me, it looks like centering the voices and experiences of those who live in and who maneuver through spaces and institutions in a fat body,” she continues. “It looks like making accessible spaces and having conversations that are aware of the fact that people have different bodies, and that they are interacting with space and people and institutions and communities in a different way.”

Well, she sure does interact with and maneuver through a whole lot of space, doesn’t she?

“Fat liberation looks like fully embracing those differences and having those conversations instead of shying away from them,” concludes Bryant directing her followers to Dove’s website to learn more about so-called “fat liberation.”

It’s so absurd that we’re normalizing this unhealthy lifestyle.

Bryant’s video was shared all over X, (formerly Twitter) and Elon Musk weighed in on the normalization of human land whales.

Loyal Dove users on social media are angry about this.

Some once-loyal customers even posted pictures of bars of soap in the trash after Bryant, 22, announced she was a “Dove ambassador” helping to promote “fat liberation.”
“After hearing that Dove Beauty chose Zyanha Bryant — who ruined Morgan Bettinger’s life — for their ‘fat acceptance ambassador,’ THIS lifelong large lady and now former Dove customer tossed out the last three bars of Dove products she will EVER buy,” one, Carole Thorpe, tweeted Thursday night along with a shot of the bars in her trash…
…Lisa Roatch, a mother of two who lives in Kansas City, was among those who said the partnership “is not OK.
“As a LIFETIME — yes, you heard that right, a lifetime #Dove user, you cannot hire bullies, liars, and those who discriminate to market your product and expect to retain your market base.
“I will stop using your product in a second,” she wrote. “Full stop.”
Another X user said he guesses he’s “bought my last bar of Dove soap,” while a third tweeted: “I’ll have to toss my Dove products and never buy them again!”
“I’ve stopped buying their products,” another person tweeted. “Never again.”
Source: New York Post

So, why is Dove doing this?

Wokely Correct Comics has a theory

Well, that seems to track.

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