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COURT DECISION: Big Win For Freedom In Ruling Favoring Christian Preschool

Tax dollars can NOT be weaponized to force ideological conformity

The left has given up trying to persuade people. They have shifted to direct attempts to bully, coerce, and silence dissent. Increasingly, they have stepped on the rights of citizens to disagree.

One obvious point of conflict between the largely secular left and the traditional Christians they like to pick fights with involves a clash between how each group views sexual morality.

Is America headed for a recession?

The ‘shut up and bake the cake’ crowd turned Colorado into a freedom of conscience flashpoint which eventually became a landmark rights case. Once again, Colorado is the setting of a clash between LGBT issues and religious freedoms.

For the radical left, it is always much simpler to cast people you disagree with as evil than it is to lay out a compelling argument to defeat those ideas. That strategy has the additional advantage of punishing anyone who does not comply with your demands. The state has gone so far as to strip custody rights from some parents over pronoun use, for example. Any student of history will see what that approach might be embraced by the party that now counts defenders of Socialism AND Communism in its ranks.

The Weaponization committee recently exposed a sophisticated strategy by the deep-state to subvert the speech of elected officials, journalists, and even the sitting President from whose delegated Constitutional authority they draw their own legitimacy. Deep State Caught Subverting Trump & The Right In 2020… Is THAT ‘Election Interference’?

A federal judge has ruled that Colorado officials cannot deny universal preschool funds to a Christian school over campus policies upholding the biblical belief in two biological sexes.

In the decision issued Saturday, U.S. District Judge Daniel Domenico blocked the state from excluding Darren Patterson Christian Academy from the taxpayer-funded program on the basis that affirming only male and female sexes violates anti-discrimination requirements.

“Exclusion of a preschool is inherently anti-universal, and denying participation based on one’s protected beliefs or speech is not equitable,” wrote Judge Domenico, a Trump appointee.

The ruling also forbade state officials from punishing the Buena Vista school and denied their request to dismiss a religious discrimination lawsuit the campus filed in June. — WashingtonTimes

The question of universality is relevant in this issue since Colorado has offered tax dollars in a ‘Universal’ capacity… but not to THEM.

Colorado’s universal preschool program, which took effect July 1, guarantees every 4-year-old in the state at least 15 hours per week of state-funded preschool services. The program allows families to attend any participating preschool free of charge.

The lawsuit said the Colorado Department of Early Childhood and the Universal Preschool Program informed Darren Patterson it would have to be open to hiring transgender employees at its Busy Bees preschool and abolish policies requiring students to use the clothing, restrooms and pronouns corresponding to their sex assigned at birth. (Sic)

State officials also instructed the private Christian campus to change policies requiring staff members to share biblical values and chaperone kids of the same biological sex on overnight trips to be eligible for the funding, school administrators said. — WashingtonTimes

Guess again, Colorado.

Your state officials may hold quasi-religious devotion to the rainbow agenda, but that doesn’t allow you to weaponize government as a tool to shove your ‘religion’ down the throats of others.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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