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HUGE Texas Chemical Plant Fire — With Injuries — Triggers Shelter In Place Order

The fire erupted at a company that uses volatile chemicals to make solvents for glue & paint remover

Not far from Houston Texas, on Highway 59, a massive column of smoke rose from a chemical plant.

Immediately, a shelter-in-place order was sent out, having residents stay away.

The blast happened at Sound Resource Solutions along U.S. Highway 59 in Shepherd. The city in located in San Jacinto County about 60 miles northeast of Houston.

One person suffered first-degree burns to the face and second-degree and third-degree burns to the arms, FOX26 Houston reported, citing a source. The individual was being treated at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center.

An initial 5-mile shelter-in-place order was reduced to a 1-mile radius after officials assessed the scene, the San Jacinto County of Emergency Management said. — FoxNews

The evacuations included a nearby private school.

No official cause of the fire is yet known.

The president of the company had this to say:

Jeff Hartfield, president of Sound Resource Solutions, acknowledged Wednesday that the company dealt with hazardous chemicals and said officials were taking safety measures out of an abundance of caution. He said the chemicals used are “the type of material you probably have under your kitchen sink.”

“It’s not to be taken lightly, obviously,” he added.

The state environmental agency will set up an air monitoring unit to gather more details about potential hazards from the smoke.

Nineteen people were working when the fire sparked at the plant on Wednesday, including one who suffered burns described by Hartfield as minor.

“We employ almost 40 people and our biggest focus right now, and what we’re grateful for is that every one of those people are going to be home eating dinner with their family tonight,” he said.

Later, he added, “We’re a large manufacturer. … We bring in 30 truckloads of raw materials a day and we ship out 30 truckloads every single day of finished goods.” — WSB

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