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Hamas Caucus Squeals Like A Stuck Pig As Rashida Gets Censured By Congress

What, is it only a 'bipartisan win' when it's a Democrat inititiative?

This is hardly the first time the Squad has been called on the carpet over antisemitic bigotry… it’s just the first time they’ve had to pay a price for it.

Back when Pelosi was holding the gavel we saw a remarkable double-standard.

When Rep Steven King made news with a statement about white supremacy even he expressed revulsion at both the statement and the ideology (At its most charitiable characterization, his comment may have been construed as a failed attempt at making a point pushing back against society’s increasingly negative opinion of what is generally considered to be ‘Western Civ’).

Both parties voted as a single voice to condemn his statements.

But when racism reared its head in their own party a few short months later,… Pelosi held her team to a very different standard, namely. none at all. Below is a quote from ClashDaily’s own reporting at the time.

Republicans have tried to paint a contrast between how Democrats and Republicans have responded to controversies involving one of their own, with GOP leaders repeatedly highlighting how they kicked Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) off his committee assignments after he made racist remarks in January.

“Representative Omar embodies a vile, hate-filled, anti-Semitism, anti-Israel bigotry,” said GOP Conference Chairwoman Liz Cheney (Wyo.), one of the first Republicans to call out King.
— March 7, 2019:  ‘Raucous Caucus: Pelosi Storms Out Of Closed-Door Meeting Over Omar’s Anti-Semitism

In the end, the best Pelosi was able to muster was a lukewarm generic denunciation of hate.

Then Hamas hit Israel with a heinous war crime and — no surprise — Israel declared war on Hamas as a result. Was there ever any doubt about which side of that issue Rashida Tlaib would fall on?

We’ll drop a list of her more infamous ‘greatest hits’ at the bottom of the article in case any of you have a liberal aunt who thinks Rashida is being ‘unfairly attacked’.

Now the gavel is in Republican hands and Rashida has spent the last month doing her best Bagdad Bob impersonation in defense of Hamas propaganda.

The details and the Congressional censure are described in some detail here: Congress Censures Tlaib’s Misinformation… She Was NOT Happy About It

But Rashida and her buddies have no sense of decency or shame. So even when they are caught being horrible people backing reprehensible ideas, they try to defend themselves for it.

First was the lie that ‘from the river to the sea’ is NOT a chant calling for the dissolution of Israel. She claims she REALLY means that Israel and Palestine need to work together. Sorry chica. The ‘amendment’ you made to the map in your office says otherwise:

So does the extremist shirt she was wearing while promoting Linda Sarsour’s book.

The ‘Squad’ is very angry. You can tell by their social media posts:

As usual, the anger is the self-righteous kind. A heaping helping of it.

They have ‘thoughts’ they would like to share about bigotry.

How ironic. So did Congress. Including members of her own party. And those stubborn SOBs don’t break rank over ANYTHING, so you KNOW they must be pissed.

Here’s Cori Bush cranking the drama up to eleven and breaking off the knob.

It would be funny if it wasn’t the same lame schtick she trots out every time she disagrees with someone.

Anyway, here’s that ‘greatest hits’ list we promised you that you can throw in the face of anyone who actually thinks Tlaib is acting on principle and NOT out of animus toward Jews. It’s organized by date and there’s a bit of a time gap because, frankly, she wasn’t really worth mentioning for a while.

The most amazing part is, just when you think its as bad as it can get, you read further down this list and it gets even worse.

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