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ACCOUNTABILITY: Israel Did More One Week After Errant Strike Than Biden Has Since Kabul Fell

For all the Biden administration's finger-wagging, Bibi has already been more responsible than Joe

In Israel, the ax has now fallen people responsible for the World Central Kitchen air strike. That puts Joe Biden’s blistering demands for accountability in a whole new light.

The convoy was hit on Monday. By Friday, people responsible were already paying a price for accidentally authorizing an attack on a non-combatant target that claimed innocent civilian lives.

Only four days later, the much-maligned Netanyahu government has already shown itself more honest than his critics in the White House.

Netanyahu, who had just come out of the hospital after hernia surgery, addressed the issue head-on, making no excuses.

Netanyahu called the event “tragic” in his statement, delivered just moments after he was discharged from the hospital following hernia surgery.

“Unfortunately, on the last day, there was a tragic event of our forces unintentionally hitting innocent people in the Gaza Strip,” Netanyahu said. “This happens in war; we are checking thoroughly, we are in contact with the governments, and we will do everything to prevent this from happening again.”

Netanyahu also gave an update on his health, thanking the doctors who performed the surgery at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital. — FoxNews

Joe Biden’s administration took this opportunity to thoroughly demonize Israel and issue an ultimatum:

President Biden told Israel on Thursday he needs to see immediate changes to protect civilian lives in Gaza or he’ll reduce U.S. support.

In a tense, 30-minute phone call, Biden told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Israel has to take immediate actions to protect civilian lives and allow food aid into Gaza or Biden will change his administration’s support for the country’s military campaign against Hamas. Biden described as “unacceptable” Israel’s strikes against humanitarian workers and the overall situation civilians are facing in Gaza. — Time

It wasn’t long before we learned what Israel’s response would be. Two leaders have been canned, and another was reprimanded.

According to the findings of an investigation into the incident, released today, the IDF said that the attack ‘should not have occurred’. Israel apologised for the killing of the seven workers, calling the attack a ‘grave mistake’.

It found that the strikes were ordered on the basis of one major’s observation – from grainy footage – that someone in the convoy was armed, and that the IDF had spotted a ‘Hamas gunmen’ shooting from the top of one of the aid trucks.

This observation turned out to be untrue, military officials said, who added that it is possible the passenger was just carrying a bag as opposed to a gun. — DailyMail

Human error is a real risk in any sustained kinetic military engagement. Just ask any of the Americans who have been tragically killed in a long list of friendly fire incidents whether malice is to blame when that happens.

That point seems to have been (conveniently) lost on both the White House and much of the activist media who have been framing this story to inflict maximum Public Relations damage on Israel’s campaign to destroy the 10/7 aggressors and free the hostages terrorists took that day.

If the American media had any interest at all in being honest, they would be telling a different story.

Take a good look at the immediate acknowledgment of wrongdoing by Israel’s leadership and the swift consequences dealt to those responsible and compare it against this same Biden Administration’s own response to very similar failures in Kabul and you will see a stark contrast.

We mean, of course, the Biden Administration’s compounding one error with another by rushing to judgment in droning a target after Abbey Gate. Recent hearings have made it clear that the buck really does stop with Joe Biden — personally — for the series of catastrophic decisions that led to the abandoning of Bagram Air Base, the release of terrorist prisoners, the rushed pullout, and the suicide bombing at Abbey Gate by one of those newly-released prisoners, despite a sniper spotting him ad asking for permission to fire before that fatal moment.

In a rush to ‘do something’ and make someone pay, a drone strike was carried out that looks an awful lot like the one that wiped out the World Central Kitchen convoy. With a couple of critical differences.

Where Israel recognized it as a tragic mistake, Biden’s cabinet bragged about having made the bad guys pay for what they did at Abbey Gate.

General Milley looked us in the eye, claimed this extrajudicial killing was a ‘righteous strike’ and claimed evidence of ‘secondary explosions’ as proof of their claims.

It was a damned lie.

All of it.

A U.S. drone strike launched in Afghanistan late last month killed as many as 10 civilians, and not an ISIS-K terrorist as the U.S. military previously reported, the Pentagon acknowleged Friday. General Frank McKenzie, the commander of the U.S. Central Command, called the strike “a tragic mistake” during a news conference Friday afternoon.

An investigation by Central Command determined that the August 29 strike in Kabul, which Joint Chief Chairman General Mark Milley previously described as a “righteous strike,” killed an innocent aid worker — identified by friends and colleagues as Zemerai Ahmadi — and as many as nine of his family members, including up to seven children. — CBS, (September 17, 2021)

Unlike the swift response in Israel, with 2 firings and a reprimand within a week, the only one to pay any price in Joe Biden’s administration was the poor schmuck who was thrown into the brig after he dared to speak up about how leadership refused to do the right thing and slap their rank on the desk rather than follow bad and dangerous orders from an incompetent Commander-In-Chief.

There are only three possible takeaways an honest media could arrive at with a contrast between Biden and Bibi.

Option One:
Bibi’s handling of this situation isn’t merely adequate, his transparency is miles ahead of the low standards set by many of his supposed ‘betters’.  Yes, this was a tragic mistake, but all of the critics need to take a deep breath, get some perspective and STFU.

Option Two:
Bibi is a moral monster, but Joe Biden is FAR worse.

Option Three:
A combination of the first two — Israel handled a tragic mistake as well as it could, but Joe Biden is a cynical monster who only cares about innocent lives when they can be used for political advantage and/or as a cudgel against people he hates. (

That Democrat ‘regime change’ rhetoric by both Biden and Schumer are evidence enough of such hatred.

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Wes Walker

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