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Biden’s Green Policies Gave Putin A HUGE Economic Win… In Europe

Remember when Joe used to brag about destroying Russia's economy... and not our own?

Dubya gets savaged any time his ‘Mission Accomplished’ photo op comes up… shouldn’t Joe Biden get the same treatment for his Russian Economy equivalent?

Your faithful and honest media HAVE told you about Biden’s own ‘Mission Accomplished’ moment, in Russia, haven’t they? No?

Because Joe Boasted about destroying the Russian economy. Since that boast, the only economy that is suffering under Joe Biden is his own.

Europe’s gas imports from Russia overtook supplies from the US for the first time in almost two years in May, despite the region’s efforts to wean itself off Russian fossil fuels since the full scale invasion of Ukraine.

While one-off factors drove the reversal, it highlights the difficulty of further reducing Europe’s dependence on gas from Russia, with several eastern European countries still relying on imports from their neighbour.

“It’s striking to see the market share of Russian gas and [liquefied natural gas] inch higher in Europe after all we have been through, and all the efforts made to decouple and de-risk energy supply,” said Tom Marzec-Manser, head of gas analytics at consultancy ICIS. — FT

Here is the official White House record of Biden’s Warsaw speech from March 26, 2022.

As a result of these unprecedented sanctions, the ruble almost is immediately reduced to rubble. The Russian economy — (applause) — that’s true, by the way. It takes about 200 rubles to equal one dollar.

The economy is on track to be cut in half in the coming years. It was ranked — Russia’s economy was ranked the 11th biggest economy in the world before this evasion [sic] — invasion. It will soon not even rank among the top 20 in the world. (Applause.)

The Ruble is Rubble because the words sound alike, you get it? In reality, that claim was dreamed up by the same brain-dead policy wonk that gave us ‘transitory inflation’. Ranked according to their GDP, Russia is currently sitting in 8th spot, right between #7 (France) and #9 Canada.

Remind me, is Russia’s current 8th spot HIGHER or LOWER than the 11th spot they held when Biden issued those sanctions?

Instead of energy superpowers like USA and Canada flooding Europe with AMERICAN liquid natural gas in response to Putin’s invasion, they bent the knee to ‘Green’ activists, even though (as the second half of this story points out) the ‘Green New Deal’ was always intended to change the economy, NOT the envirnoment.

Team Biden Met With TikTok Activists Before ‘Pausing’ ALL Natural Gas Approvals

If only SOMEONE could have seen this coming. Oh wait. We all could. Yours truly warned about this in real-time, both before he pushed his bone-head policies and after.

Tough On Putin? How Democrat Policies Enriched Russia While US Economy Hits The Skids

Remember Dubya’s ‘Mission Accomplished’ Gaffe? Biden’s First 18 Months Have Been SO Much WORSE

By appeasing his base in restricting US production and export of fossil fuels, he has put pressure on supply. Predictably, energy prices went up, causing a massive inflation problem domestically, and enriching a long list of energy-producing nations that hate us.

Other countries stopped seeing the dollar as a safe haven and started trading in other currencies. Look up the BRICS movement if you want to see the long game our rivals are playing for putting America in political checkmate.

Biden LOVES to talk tough about Putin. But if you look carefully at his energy policies, Democrats dropping sanctions against the Nordstream Pipeline, the empowering of Russian allies like Iran, and even his catastrophic waffling about Putin making ‘a minor incursion’ into Ukraine just days before the invasion began…

What more could Biden POSSIBLY give Putin that he hasn’t already provided?

The thing that would really wreck havoc on the Russian war machine — say, oil dropping down to $30 a barrel — would NEVER happen under Joe Biden. But that’s exactly what would happen under Trump’s ‘drill baby drill’ policy.

And you can bet your bottom Euro that Putin KNOWS that.

Have we REALLY ruled out all possibility that Putin is secretly helping Joe’s re-election efforts?

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