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CLASH POLL: Who Is Running The United States — President ‘She’ Or President Xi?

Is it Edith Wilson 2.0 or a hostile foreign leader?

With public support of Biden in free-fall, he’d be on his way out the door by now if the Establishment class were still calling the shots. So who’s REALLY in charge?

Even the insiders can’t hide it any longer. Joe Biden is in rough shape, and he has been for a long time.

If he were Joe Public, he’s obviously past the point of having his driver’s license revoked by now. And yet, he’s the STILL the Democrat’s candidate for re-election.

Establishment election strategists like Carville are waving every flag they can, going on Tapper’s show and shining a spotlight on the CBS polling data that says 72% of the public doesn’t think Joe Biden has the cognitive health to serve as President.

No amount of spin from his spokes-muppet KJP will convince them otherwise.

We’re told his work day is restricted to his peak performance times between the hours of 10 and 4. In other words, Joe Biden is so far gone he couldn’t include Dolly Parton’s ‘9 To 5’ song on his playlist without condemning his own work ethic.

Joe is now the first semi-retired President in American history. But it’s still a demanding position. It prompts the obvious question: who’s doing the actual work?

Clearly, a lot of the day-to-day running of the country has been delegated to his staffers and surrogates. If we’ve got a culture where shadowy figures now make important decisions, it would go a long way to explaining the unprecedented partisanship and unaccountablity displayed in this administration.

Joe has clearly dug in his his heels and has no intention of going gently into that good night. Short of an open mutiny throwing him overboard or someone invoking the 25th, he has every intention of staying at the top of the ticket for November.

He’s clearly out of his depth here. Whose tune is Joe dancing to since his faceplant at the debate?

Reporting of the Camp David weekend and how he leans heavily on his insiders suggests two likely candidates for who’s really in charge:

President She

‘President she’ is the obvious one that shouldn’t need much explanation.

Per a recent NBC report:

“The decision-makers are two people — it’s the president and his wife,” one of the sources familiar with the discussions said, adding: “Anyone who doesn’t understand how deeply personal and familial this decision will be isn’t knowledgeable about the situation.”

Not surprisingly, there has been a recent spike in references to Edith Wilson since the debate, for some reason. We’ve been openly wondering about Jill playing that role since his initial months in office. For example: here and here.

It should be remembered that Jill dumped her rich husband for the (bereaved and suddenly-single) senator for Delaware. She is accused of having an affair with him while both Jill and Joe were still married to other people. She enjoys all the trappings of wealth, power, and media adoration that come with being a (Democrat) First Lady.

If Joe calls it quits, the ride is over and she is relegated to being a FORMER First Lady, which is nowhere near as prestigious. Just this week she was featured on the cover of Vogue.

President Xi

The President Xi reference may be a little obscure at first. But with the context, it should make sense.

Hunter Biden is back in Biden’s inner circle.

Hunter Biden has joined meetings with President Joe Biden and his top aides since his father returned to the White House from Camp David, Maryland, on Monday evening, according to four people familiar with the matter.

The president’s son has also been talking to senior White House staff members, these people said.
[…] One of the people familiar with the matter said Hunter Biden has been closely advising his father since the family gathered over the weekend at Camp David after Thursday’s debate. This person said Hunter Biden has “popped into” a couple of meetings and phone calls the president has had with some of his advisers.
[…] NBC News has reported that Hunter Biden is among the immediate family members urging the president to stay in the race. He is at the White House this week to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday with the Biden family, two people familiar with his plans said. — NBC

It’s official: a convicted felon is now directly involved in Presidential decisions… on the Democrat side.

But the gun charges and the drug use are small potatoes compared to the bigger issues that were concealed by the tax evasion allegations that were allowed to lapse. Those allegations tied him to boatloads of money both Hunter and ‘Biden Inc’ received.

All evidence points to influence peddling and quid pro quo.

We know the Biden family has had deep ties to China, and that China will happily leverage every advantage they have over any foreigner for China’s own advantage. It hardly matters to China whether they use bribery or extortion to achieve the results they want, so long as they advance their goals.

Congress just finished hearings on China’s tactics of elite capture. They included this exchange (clickable link):

House Oversight has an ever-growing list of evidence connecting Joe Biden’s political acts to the business ties and lobbying efforts of Hunter Biden and other relatives.

Two of the more recent examples involved Hunter playing the ‘my dad is vice president’ card when the SEC was investigating him in the Obama years and the FBI burying a story about a $120M deal that fell through for Hunter with corrupt individuals in Ukraine.

Remember how hard Dems fought to block GOP access to the Suspicious Transaction reports that the Bidens were flagged in?

Biden’s foreign policy with respect to China has been astonishingly weak — the Spy balloon and the huge upsurge of Chinese nationals wandering in over our Southern Border are just two examples.

Has Xi been calling in favors owed to him by Joe or Hunter?

For all the ‘foreign influence’ allegations leftis try to hang around Trump’s neck, should Biden be the one answering these questions?

Has Joe Biden become an existential National Security risk?

And is the media so damn partisan that they would rather turn a blind eye to it than say anything that would work to the benefit of Orange Man Bad?

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Wes Walker

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