• Erica

    I’m with you Doug!

  • ary

    Great idea. May the media that has gone to the dark side go dark!

    • cimiron

      no tv for me

      • FLBuck

        Time to rent some DVDs or go to pay per view.

        • MadMax327

          Never thought I’d watch a Lifetime Movie . . .

        • MadMax327

          Now is the perfect time for the National Geographic Channel to run a “Doomsday Preppers” Marathon.

      • revgay

        i wasn’t planning to watch any of it even without a boycott—I can’t stand to look at either of them nor listen to him talking about himself. I wonder if he’ll use th quaran(Koran) in place of the Bible to take his oath of office
        Remember 4 years ago it had to be administered the second time because of some mistake with the words.

    • 7papa7

      I will probably just watch programs I have taped. I have no intention of listening to more of this Marxists lies and deceit. I really don’t need to hear him attacking the constitution again. I don’t need to hear is money grabbing plans. I don’t need to hear his raise the debt ceiling so he can continue to spend on more things we don’t want. I would prefer to watch the old test patterns than to listen to Obama. We don’t need to listen to the emperor. IMHO he is a domestic economic terrorist. He is bringing down our country from within. I would like to know where the military is, they took an oath to defend the constitution from ALL enemies both foreign and domestic and we absolutely have a domestic enemy and he is located in the white house and his drones are in the congress.

  • VirgoVince

    Too bad we can’t ‘black out’ ALL of the ‘toilet torpedo’s’ appearances, even just news clips or pix!! he’s sickening!!
    WHY do we have to see his ugliness on every page of every news site and how long before we can eliminate the contamination of OUR internet??

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Christensen/100000005327315 Paul Christensen

      You know, he thinks he is a celebrity. Well, I guess so because he is in bed the the celebrities. I too am sick of his daily appearances. He thinks by touting daily on the news instead of actually doing something he will make people think he is doing something.

      • r

        How many more games of golf will he get in during the next 4 years? Is there a private mini-golf course in the capitol? How many more luxurious vacations on OUR dime whilst people are starving and looking for JOBS? Great leader (NOT). Great spender of our Money.

        • Victor


        • MadMax327

          He’s planning a putt putt golf course for the Rose Garden, between the BBQ and the Watermelon Patch.

    • cimiron

      I agree with you, can’t stand to see his face, or hear his voice

      • FLBuck

        He’s the best diet plan that I could think of. If I need something to suppress my appetite, I just turn the radio on to hear his voice or switch on the TV to see his face. Almost immediately I lose my appetite because everything the hemorrhoid with ears has to say distorts the taste of my meal.

        • willowa

          ‘FL…”, I agree, diet plan, a pic of BHO in the kitchen, birth control plan, a pic of Nancy Peolsi in the bedroom.

          • FLBuck

            With a pic of Pelosi in my bedroom would make me proclaim abstinence and enter a monastery.

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/A6UBSP6BIEM7QCMVW2NX62GGMM Constance

            FLBuck, your comment is not only funny but it is the truth.

          • Viking10

            BRAVO, BRAVO. Both BHO and Pelosi make me want to throw up.

        • menjo

          I like that, hemorrhoid with ears statement!!!!!!
          Hope you don’t mind if I use it.

          • MadMax327

            I’ve complained and compare everything, I just can’t believe I didn’t think of the “Hemorrhoid with ears” comment, , , I gotta go back to creativity class.

          • PJMcK1954

            If FLBuck puts a copyright on “Hemorrhoid with Ears,” I think that Real Patriots could end up putting his relatives through college!

          • FLBuck

            I don’t mind at all. To tell you the truth, I picked that monaker up from Michael Savage on his radio show “The Savage Nation”.

      • DrewbeScrewed

        Hell, I didn’t watch the first inauguration. This clown was a fraud from day one. Not to mention that he was boring to listen to and had a lot to say about nothing.

        • MARYANN33

          You mean “and and uh uh and uh????”

          • PJMcK1954

            What about that speech in which Obama praised the Navy “Corpseman”?
            Too bad the teleprompter didn’t include the correct pronunciations.
            Worse yet, we’re stuck with that fool in the Oval Office for another term. He’s worse than bothCarter and Clinton.

          • MadMax327

            Do you mean the Oval Throne Room ? ? ?

          • gpo1913

            HEAVEN HELP US BUT IT MAYBE LONGER;Congressman Jose Serrano (D-NY) put forth a House resolution that would repeal the twenty-second article of amendment to the United States Constitution on Friday
            Read more: http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/01/congressman-puts-forward-resolution-to-end-term-limits-on-presidency/#ixzz2ITM6Bb00

          • Sam

            You are right. Without a telepromter in front of him, he has a difficult time thinking and saying anything.

          • Madax327

            He has trouble even with the prompter. I’d still like to see his school transcripts; but those documents are more classified that the Situation Room and holier than the lists of legal gun owners.

          • lorlan4

            I seriously doubt he has any transcripts. Bet someone went to class for him or the class was bought by the Arabs and noone attended. Too much hidden!!!

          • PJMcK1954

            Even WITH a teleprompter in front of him, he has a difficult time thinking and saying anything that is intelligent.

        • WASP

          Same here. Only the libtard democrap worshipers of the Kenyan want to see the Installation Ceremony of our mulatto Hitler. I despise the ratbag, and wouldn’t dignify his dictatorship by watching his fascist circus. I would pay, however, for a seat at his hanging. I’ll even furnish the rope.

      • MARYANN33

        Or his blue lying lips.

      • http://www.facebook.com/robert.andersonsr Robert Anderson Sr


      • Barbaree

        Me, neither, and many people I know.

      • Edwin

        Neither can I!

      • streetcat9

        Someone commented recently, “He makes Bill Clinton look honest.” I agree.

      • Philscbx

        Matched – Word for Word

    • jeepdude911

      Yup, any time he comes on TV or radio, I mute it or turn it away until he’s done polluting the airwaves, then business as usual.

      • MARYANN33

        But it makes the room stink anyway….

        • PJMcK1954

          When Obama appears on TV, you absolutely MUST BE QUICK with the remote control!
          Seeing him, even on news on the 700 Club can put me in a bad mood.

          • MARYANN33

            He is vile in every way…..Keep him out of our homes….Pray for his quick removal….now.

    • obhfwb

      moochelle is enough ugly to gag a maggot by her self those who are idiots enough to watch gets to see the whole dang ugly family and all those other a holes that are around that boy community organizer.

      • Tearlag

        And you know they will be preening and prancing just to stick it to us that they’re celebrating on our money. Sickening!

      • MadMax327

        Did you see photos of her coming off of Airforce 1 side by side with Laura Bush coming off of Airforce 1, , , she brought the word classy to an all time low wearing her Salvation Army Blue Light Special. The fashion sense of my cockroaches.

    • liberty49

      Does anyone remember that NO ONE carried almost every speech given by George W. Bush? Republicans can’t even buy coverage. Is it any wonder the electorate is so ‘dumbed-down’?

  • peggy

    Gee, sorry, I have to brush my teeth that day, so I won’t be available to watch TV….

  • newattitude1

    Thank you that is the best idea I have heard yet!!!

    • cimiron

      ooo i love that one

  • gfsomsel

    I’d love to join in this, but I quit watching TV years ago and therefore won’t be missed.

  • Bob Macfarlane

    I will not watch the ignaugration but I will . . .

    fly my flag upside down for a week and then remove it for the duration of Obama’s term in office.

    • Scott

      Bob Mac, I would say fly it upside down for the full term of the o’traitor!!!

      • a

        obamy will probably sign into law a bill that it’s a federal offense to fly the flag upside down in protest…. And not even run it past the House or Senate.

        • leithel1

          obama has admitted that he and his partner Michelle have burned several flags. Any thing we do to the flag that shows disrespect pleases him. The only thing I can say to him is Argo.

  • Dwightmannn

    I did that over four years ago, and it is still off on this day. I turn it on for 1 hour a week to watch my Jesus channel show that I like so much. . .

  • http://www.facebook.com/eugene.lubben Eugene Lubben

    I will be out fiushing ,,, not watching a sheethead muslim stealing the white house ,,

  • Jeanette Victoria

    Dumped TV two years ago

  • stombut

    Great idea! However someone needs to watch so we know what kind of fuel (lies) and fodder (BS) will be fed to his minions. As long as I’m not the one to watch, I just don’t have the stomach for it!!! There is not enough soap in the world to clean off the vile, dirty, perverse nastiness one would feel being involved with the MSM, liberal, socialist…love fest!! The thought of Shieffer, Lauer, Sawyer, Mathews, Schultz….gushing all over the place is enough to make me vomit!! Just to mention Obama, Biden and any of their names makes me want to go take an immediate shower.

    • cimiron

      it’s no secret, believe me whatever he can think of to destroy this country will be laid out

      • CJONE

        I’m going to buy a gun to protect my children just like Obama is protecting his.

        • caskinner

          Get ready to stand in line. My daughter bought a gun yesterday. Waited in line for an hour.

          • ‘Sconsin Patriot

            Hubby was at Gander Mountain and Fleet Farm last Thursday and there were lines. Our neighbor was at Fleet Farm today and there was no ammo left.

          • revgay

            I’m just not sure where to go to buy one and what to ask for

          • caskinner

            She bought a 9mm Beretta at Gander Mountain. Went to 3 stores before she found what she wanted but they didn’t have the ammo.

        • revgay

          me too—

        • Believer

          I purchased a “pepper gun” spray – works just fine as the sight of it
          is intimidating.

          • RAMJR

            Wasp spray is a lot cheaper, though it is something not meant for purses. I bought a bunch of cans to keep around the house, at work, in my truck, mom and sisters cars and a bunch of friends I warned. If you get wasp spray in your eyes, you have just minutes till you will be blinded, so it is NOT a toy. Pepper hurts most criminals, but leads to no permanent damage.

    • CJONE

      My sentiment exactly! Watch it on the news.

    • a

      I will NEVER again vote democrapic. That party has gone to the devil’s side……

      • MARYANN33

        My God, did you do it this last November????

      • Believer

        Stombut – that is so true – it once was a good party with many good people
        supporting it, including my parents – if they were alive today, they would be
        shaking their heads in disbelief. The POTUS is a real sickey.


    I am in ;;have been doing that for the last [2] months. obanana is not my potus.

    • ABBE

      I have refused to watch any channel he is on for over four years!

      • meadowlands


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YZILT7FI37IEGIGZ47H34VLVAY skyhawk

    I will also fly my flag upside down to signal the worst distress that America has ever seen. Following that day I will only fly the flag of the Republic of Texas.
    After serving 20+ years in the armed force I cannot support this Usurper.

    • ABBE

      That is a very good idea and put an empty chair out too.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dan-Williams/100000740775101 Dan Williams

      I am already there. Saw your flag flying upside down near Elkhart, Texas, close to old Fort Houston. It was not the only one. Since the day after the election, I took down my US Flag. Now, I fly the Texas Flag with my TEA Party banner underneath.

      • RockyMtn1776

        Good man ! Have been doing same with Wyoming flag above, TP flag below.

      • Linda

        I was flying my flag up-side down in Distress after obama got re-elected and was going to for four yrs. but a cop was at my house and said that he was getting a flood of calls from Vet’s. complaining about it. I thought if anyone would understand they would. I had no disrespect for the men and women who fought for our freedom, my flag or my country. The only disrespect is for obama. I truly believe our country is in distress and it seems no one is doing anything to get this tyrant out of office. It sadden me

        • ‘Sconsin Patriot

          Anyone who knows…it’s a sign of distress, not disrespect.

    • Raven girl

      My brother who was a Vietnam Huey Cobra pilot folded his flag and wrote a letter and sent them both to the Whitehouse saying he no longer felt he could fly the flag since it did not represent the country he ought for….

  • jerome ennis

    I already flip the TV or Radio dial everytime this Lying Ass Marxist speaks, or when the Proaganda Machine, the Media, all of them Repeat The Propaganda and Lies as if it what he says is Fact and they say it in the same way Obama Says it as if he is the final word on any and everything to do with the running of this country. Last week after the Regime and The Media dragged Out The Chil-Ren with Hand Written Please from Little Mary’s and John’s which Obama read aloud as if anybody in their right minds did not know that These Voluntary Hand-Written Pleas to The King To Take Guns Away, were Crafted and Made Up By Their Obama-Loving Marxist School Teacher’s and all members of the NEA. And, Obama proclaims to America, “I am not going to take your guns away.” He says this in such a way as to Imply that if he wanted to Take Our Guns Away, that he had the Singular Authority and Power to Do So. We have a Compliant U.S. Congress and Court that is not challenging his dictates, so it is time To Clean House in 2014 Mid-Terms if we are ever to stop this ongoing Tyranny and Usurpation of the United States Constitution.

    • Dean Braun

      I do exactly the same thing when the SOB comes on T.V. or radio. I also agree with the rest of your comments.

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    Excellent Idea. This ‘prince’ doesn’t deserve any air time other than to air freight him back to Kenya (not that I don’t like Kenyans…just sayin’…)

  • Thom Raasio

    I’m IN!! Great idea………..I wouldn’t give that by air if he were in a jug.

  • davienne

    no problem for me… i dont have a tv…. and everyone i know wont watch it…

  • CAllenDoudna

    Monday being Martin Luther King Day and therefore a Federal Holiday, the Inaugeration will be held on Tuesday instead.

  • StLucie

    Ever since the usurper was “voted” into office, my flag is only flown on July 4th, Memorial Day, 9-11, Veterans Day, and Pearl Harbor Day. The rest of the year, it remains folded.

  • Kat

    I always have my TV on and would miss it ! But for this I WILL leave my TV off!

  • Stanblast

    He can’t be a Leader so he tries to be a movie star and movie stars can’t handle cretinism, No competition on the airways thus, 100% rating. Hitler shut down freedom choice and convinced his people that he was the best thing since Ice Cream.

  • Sarah Conner

    his face is great for my diet[puke everytime I see it]his voice like fingernails on a chalkboard…can we just black out his face by sheer telepathy…

  • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

    This assumes that “Big Brother” knows when your television set is on and what programming you are watching. Is that the point?

    • ABBE

      You can be sure the ratings will show how many people are listening to the bum. TV stations know how many people are watching their programs.

    • beebee

      I believe that is the case. How else could they come up with their “ratings” to say which shows are watched more than others??? There is no privacy in this country anymore about anything! They have access to our doctor’s records, so they know everytime anyone goes to their doctor, what the visit was for, what treatment was prescribed, whether or not any physical or mental problems are discussed, etc. Amazing, isn’t it? Between TV’s and computers, there is absolutely no privacy for anyone who doesn’t live in a cave like a hermit, or earns a living, and what that earned income is spent for! Maybe we’ll have a solar flare which will blackout TV tomorrow? Wouldn’t that be great!

  • caskinner

    Could not pay me to watch that scum pretending to be president anytime.

  • 9Spoon9

    While I agree this is a good idea, as a boycott of sorts…can someone please tell me how this is going to make any appreciable impact? Anymore I cringe every time I hear BHO’s voice on the radio and I when his image is on TV, I mute the volume or immediately change the channel. It’s amazing the loathing I have for him, Holder, Boxer, Feinstein, Reid, Biden, Schummer, Bloomberg, Cuomo and a plethora of others. Every last one of them have failed their Oath of Office and should be jerked out by the scruff of the neck, locked away pending a full compilation of charges, tried for their collective violations and convicted, then swiftly and summarily punished. Whew!!! Oh…and then place them in the prison’s general population.

  • leesjokers


  • http://twitter.com/DustyFae StarDust Dolittle

    I do not own a TV, so l guess l was smart to get rid of it. I really was getting sick of obama and all the goons in the WH, and the false reporting of our media.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NJS4MEDHYJOUBZWVUXIE4O5FCM sct581

    i’m sure theres something far more interesting on. won’t be hard not too watch this mistake a second time, never watched it the first time either. should be something on animal planet or id more interesting that a pukefest.

  • stan williams

    Great Idea !! Out of Sight…Out of Mind !! Just wish it was like “Ground Hog Day”…..A ONE day Event, but We got 4 More yrs. of this Misery !!

  • joan

    I haven’t watched any news program–local or national– since the election. I can’t stand the sound of that name or his wife. I have some movies recorded and will be watching them instead

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Edward-Chandler/100000567196552 Edward Chandler

    I don’t allow his face on my TV

    • leithel1

      I have my TV trained to recognise obama’s voice and picture. When it detects him it gives him the finger and shut its self off.

  • $29077531

    can’t stand that twerp !

  • sgtshel

    Well America, ‘Obama fooled us once, it’s our fault! Fool us twice–it’s still our fault!
    The enitre world laugh behind our backs because this person in our president again. And those countries keep taking our money and run! In the meantime, Obama is setting this country up to be taken over by the United (piece of crap) Nations. He see’s himself as an ‘Emperor’. If you don’t think so—get back to me in 4 years!
    In the meantime…All of America should boycott the “National News Channels” Turn off CBS,NBC,ABC,CNN. Cancel your left-wing newspapers! Turn off the left-wing radio stations. Tell you senators and congressman to boycott Obama on this Monday and everytime he appears in Congress to continue teling his lies to the country.
    And………….ask your senator and congressman if any of them have the backbone to impeach this guy!
    May God help us all (there I said it…….live with it)

  • bhunter

    If I eat something that doesn’t agree with me, I have to use my bathroom to give birth to obama and then I flush him away

    • stan williams

      Now, That’s What I Call A Good ONE !!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/bigkwewu Mike Stanley

    Its very simple – If the House has the balls to impeach Ocommunist, threaten the senators with re-election; That is not being re-elected for not doing what is right for the country and their constituency.

  • WW

    I get nauseated every time I hear/see/think anything about Obama. It burns my ars to think what America has become. I hardly watch any left wing news (except for inclinate weather etc…locally).

    I have actually called one of our local stations and told them that they need to hire some journalist because all the ppl they employ just spout opinions.

    No way I could watch as America is being overtaken by a Muslim on Mon. Even during the elections, I kept looking at Obama’s supporters and wondering how they could be cheering/clapping/celebrating for doom?

    It never ceases to amaze me what a cell phone/EBT card can buy!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dan-Williams/100000740775101 Dan Williams

      It burns my “arss” too……..

  • Mo86

    I NEVER watch or listen to that man. All he does is lie!

  • phunyfarm

    Threw away mainstream TV years ago

  • http://www.facebook.com/barbjeanpatton Barb Patton

    God knows – I cannot bear the thought of the latte one – looking so “pure” and “honest” on the outside and meanwhile he is smirking and jiggling with joy on the inside because, once again, he has foxed WE THE PEOPLE. NOPE i would rather die than look at that disgusting bit of TV on Monday.

  • http://www.facebook.com/barbjeanpatton Barb Patton

    The latte one has sooo many people around that protect him even the moderators of this little twit of a web site are afraid of him and do not want people to hurt the latte ones feelings with saying “hurtful” things… most of the time they do not even bother to print my comments…. come on george soros servants – what happened to our “freedom of speech”??? it has not been snatched away yet???

  • Ellen

    What a great idea along with flying your flag upside down.

  • pete10

    I had already planned on turning off the TV for the day. Hope very little stupid followers attend.his event.


    While I planned on not watching anything Obama, or any other nutjob in this administration, this is really pathetic.
    When MILLIONS went to Washington in protest of the lies and immorality that our representation and media has become, the lies just continued.
    Actually, there are those that think sitting down at the table with terrorists is good, and those with moral and God given knowledge should be silenced. One Party even took God out of their platform, until caught.
    If that didn’t open the eyes of just those claiming to be Christians, the fools of this world are the majority, and the majority in the Democratic Party.
    There are many in the Republican Party Too, don’t get me wrong, but this ‘protest’ won’t mean a thing to the immorality of leadership and media these days.
    God is in control, but man is using every tactic of immorality, lies, covet, bearing false witness, stealing, dishonor to family and sexual immorality.
    It won’t ever be silenced, until Jesus comes to reclaim the minority that are His…but until then, we have the personal responsibility, in our own lives, to obey God, obey His Commandments and scrape many things in our lives that are in no value, or setting, to or by God.

    The foundation of America is crumbling, by those we put in power, there words and actions alone, hardly matching up.
    For me at least, during this re-appointment of immorality and evil, I will be praying before it comes on, that God will send a sign of His power and glory, for those that are His children, to see and wake up to the evil. God Bless.

    • Autumn5656k

      I will be joining you in prayer. Thank you for your comments.

  • Marikya

    What would happen if every time we see him on TV we will pour out prayers as a nation for God to have mercy on us, and bare His mighty arm to bring the change in not only this man but to everyone who needs God’s mercy? We have allowed the slow degradation of our culture through the media, Hollywood, and ignoring the call and laws of God on which the country was founded so we need to repent individually and nationally for our neglect. If we earnestly and completely desire for a real change, God is the only answer to our present dilemma. If this man’s life was totally changed the whole world will see and know the difference. What greater thing could happen than for justice, purity and a deep, deep love for God to be given right of way in every aspect of our culture because we mean business with the One Who created this nation and us who dwell in it?

  • Hank

    I am in total agreement. I wasn’t going to watch this dictator anyway!! I don’t even like looking at him, must less, listening to him!

  • Autumn5656k

    I have no intention of watching this abomination. I’m so sick of the deception… this guy is pure evil. He may say he is a Christian… but actions speak louder than words.

  • Jfalcon

    Stumbling onto this website is akin to stepping back in time to Birmingham, AL, circa 1959.

    Here’s an idea: If all you clowns are so unhappy here, why not leave the country, once and for all? Obviously, your small-minded mentalities aren’t being met here, there are just too many minorities with power, your precious little assault rifles might be taken off the table, and taxes are going to go up for the rich.

    Get the hell out, and stop whining.

    • bonni

      This has been One Nation Under God since its conception. The left is trying to change it – we are trying to keep it a free country. If you want to live in communist / socialist society – YOU move – there are plenty of them out there. God Bless America.

      • Jfalcon

        All due respect ma’am, you wouldn’t know what “socialism” was if Karl Marx himself knocked on your front door and sold you some Amway products.

        “one nation under God” is a great tagline, but the founding fathers specified a seperation between church and state, meaning that religion and someone’s personal morality has no place in the governing of this free, democratic nation of ours….who, by the way just re-elected President Obama with an overwhelming majority.

  • lizaz

    We will not be watching the crowning on Monday….just a waste of our time and money…….

  • stinger

    thank goodness for other stations, so I can watch a movie, I too .I can not stand to listen to, or watch him at all


    We The People should introduce a “Gun Movie Ban” and have them removed from the shelves and internet websites.

  • Barbann

    I will not watch the inauguration. However my niece is marching with the Corps of Cadets from Virginia Military Institute in the parade. I will watch her.

  • ABBE

    I refuse to call this criminal Marxist, President, even just Mister is too good for him “Hey Boy” is more the style that fits him. He is the illegal ‘R’esident of the White House!

  • http://twitter.com/msmoommist Ms MoomMist

    I’m so tired of hearing and see this guy, I switch the channel, but no TV for this household on Monday, besides it is a holiday, so a great day to eat and sleep.

  • mudguy1

    I will NOT be watching the Lier in Chief. I do not conceder him the President just as the Occupier. I turn him off and refuse to listen to anything he says.

  • carsrus

    Indeed Monday is a day of mourning for about one half of US, and most likely, with the fact some who voted for the re-election of this marxist-muslim SHILL, now have seen their PAY CHECKS decreased, they TOO will be joining US! I will be out all day and NO TV, news papers will be on MY agenda Monday, January 21,2013, a day of INFAMY for this once Great Constitutional Republic!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dan-Williams/100000740775101 Dan Williams

    There will be a total media blackout at my house on Monday. This poor excuse for a human being will never be my President. The TEA Party banner flies at my house.

  • lawman

    I don’t watch msm now and sure as jell won’t be watching on inauguration day. live free or die.

  • bobmann101

    I have no reason to turn on my TV on 01/21 except for Jeopardy. Jan. 21, 2013 will be a very sad day for me. Because we have the Chief Justice, John Roberts, who will swear in a man who has not been vetted, has not had a background check, ineligibile, unqualified, illegal, phony, lying, racist, bigot, half breed, bi-sexual, foreign national, Muslim who violated the war powers act, immigration law, refused to enforce existing law, used the EPA to usurp power over Congress, decided HE and not the Supreme Court would decide on the Constitutionality of existing law, abused the recess appointment process, set up a shadow cabinet of unvetted czars, declared over 900 executive orders, some that have set up a framework for a dictatorship, and has publicly flaunted his power in declaring he will continue to go around Congress as he sees fit, sending planes and tanks to Israel’s enemies, dislikes Jews and Christians and is against everything we stand for. I do not understand how Chief Justice John Roberts can allow this unless his loved ones have been threatened. I have a feeling Obama will be sworn in in private so he can put his hand on the Quran. John Roberts is ignoring OUR Constitution which he swore to uphold!!

  • RockyMtn1776

    Do you really think Obama & gang really care about what we think ? The election is over, he won and as Jarrett said, “it’s our turn.” Hang on folks, we are going for a ride. Straight to Hell !

  • TLady62

    Wow, so the Inauguration is being held on a Federal holiday (MLK). How fitting for this President to upstage a genuine Civil Rights leader on a day set aside for his rememberance.

    • 529_Barb

      Genuine Civil Rights leader? It’s because of him we have the Al Sharptons and Jessie Jacksons who are instrumental in creating the mess we now have with minorities.

  • rockcut

    Just read some of the posts here. I cannot believe such over the top hate of President Obama. It is disguesting the things said on this web site. This childish idea of a black out of the swearing of the President shows ignroance. We had a free election and he was the winner and that is the end of the story. But go ahead and play in the snadbox of emotinal hate, anger, and igornace. The world wsill go on without you.

    • ilpatriot58


  • msueh

    I got a snail mail piece of trash the other day from a coin collector site, offering “the only coin worthy” of bhusseinøvømit. Blew my nose on it (I have a cold) and sent it back in their postage-paid envelope…


    I’m in. Didn’t watch the first ne either. I have not interest in seeing or hearing about him, his wife or children. I haven’t watch network or cable news in 2 years. I get my news from the Internet.


      Boy I can’t type today I have NO interest

  • msueh

    ‘twould be telling if there were a nationwide survey at the same time, seeing how many are wasting their time watching. I’ll be cutting out an appropriate piece of black fabric to wrap around my USA flag again.

  • Jack_Reacher

    I just wish that the networks, or even just your own cable TV company, could verify that a TV was OFF during the day, (24 hours). That information forwarded to the networks, (all of them), could reek havoc with advertisers and advertising rates. We could literally change the playing field within a few short days. Unfortunately, as it stands, the networks will never believe that a group protest would actually turn off their TV’s and simply tell their advertisers that it’s an “empty threat”.

    Yeah, yeah, I hear you conspiracy freaks getting all worked up over the cable company knowing that your TV is OFF. BFD.

  • urmama

    I will fly my flag upside down on Sunday and Monday!

  • Patriot304

    No problem for me. I wouldn’t watch the ‘festivities’ if they paid me.

  • Victor

    Promise: DONE DEAL! PROBLEM, about 74% of our population is made up of “gatherer’s” or women & blacks; so WE LOSE in this TIME AROUND! Just saying…

  • Phil Helwig

    Our President has betrayed the oath of his office to uphold the Constitution. I will not watch a ceremony that is hypocritical. He also endorses immorality which does not help this nation and tries to force his will on the people with Obama CAre even if it violates r corporate or Biblical standards.

  • BlueViolets

    That won’t be too difficult to do. Just about everything on TV is garbage and designed to convert you to liberalism and plunge you into a moral abyss.

  • tim

    I stopped watching TV four years ago.

  • http://www.facebook.com/hal.smathers Hal Smathers

    TV off for the day


    I planned to avoid all news for this week and turn off anything about the president ever after…No way should this illegal fraud guy be sworn in twice when all he ever does is lie and give away our great country…Where are our heroes?????

  • 529_Barb

    Out of all the masses who will be in the audience for the crowning……is it possible there will be more than 10 people who miss work?

  • PJMcK1954

    I’m sick of having our local 12:00 Noon news broadcasts preempted with Live Coverage of another one of Obama’s speeches.
    I wish that he would limit his speeches to brief broadcasts that are aired so that our TV viewing isn’t interrupted.
    Better yet…I wish that Obama would just shut up and go away.

  • Sam

    I didn’t plan on watching it anyway. It is just another step in the downfall of the USA.

  • Ah_Clem

    Hate, Hate, hate! Get it out of your system and rejoin the human race!

    • JaniceSix

      Pull your head out of the sand and join the informed, you silly person!

  • Wilman Berry

    you know he has to swear to defend the Constitution and protect so if he is an atheist as he proclaims, what is he doing lying to the American People?

  • kyrunner

    Won’t be watching ANY inauguration coverage period! I currently turn off a channel when he is shown. The next 4 years will seem like the longest of my life if Obamacare doesn’t kill me first!

  • cae973

    I never intended to watch the imposter monday as I do not watch him ever. I do not look at pictures of him or listen to him as my household is happier acting as if he does not exist:}

  • obhfwb

    The only ones who will watch this filth are brain dead non working welfare breeding SOBs and the illegals law breaking SOBs and the dead from the neck up scum of theis country.

  • bungicord

    Black out Sir blackness. I’m tired of that racist punk.

  • MadMax327

    Tuesday they plan to install screen doors at the White House and a BBQ in the Rose Garden, to entertain the extended family when they all get moved in with Grandma. They are still taking bids for remodeling the Oval Office, making it the first Throne Room in America. Be on notice – if you intend submitting a bid, they will only be accepted from minority Union contractors. Planning to stay for life before passing his crown to his eldest daughter. After dismissing the Congress, the Capitol being of no further use, current Washington insiders, speaking off the record say the Qatar Government has made a generous offer to purchase the building to convert it into a Mosque, remodeling the dome into a minaret, while the Mint rushes to print new currency with “Fearless Leaders” portrait. The removal of Lincolns’ Statue from the new Obama Memorial was not without mishap however when non-union trash haulers were arrested. The signs outside of D.C. already reflect this new beginning, welcoming all inauguration invitees to the NEW District of Obama. What an exciting time to be an American.

  • wdcraftr

    I cannot imagine being in the same room, or even state with O and M.. They make my skin crawl… Yuck! .. Do not invite me to meet him, as I Will Refuse, thank you…..

  • muypro

    Didn`t watch the first one and don`t plan on seeing this un either! Might go out n clean out the hog pen lol!

  • http://www.facebook.com/nancy.harp1 Nancy Moore Harp

    Let’s join forces… to let them know!!

  • Bob

    We wouldn’t watch his “emaculation” if you paid us! I can’t get to the remote fast enough whenever his silly “Curious George” puss with the big ears comes on the screen, or his voice. I have NOTHING to do with him in any way,shape, manner or form. He, Michele, Biden, none of this fraud bunch. The “gimmee” crowd is welcome to him! They can have my share!

  • clm

    I’m planning to fly my US flag upside down on AND buy a semi-automatic handgun on Monday.

  • Bob Honiker

    I will be busy all day Monday, cleaning the cat’s litter box.

  • Max

    I will not turn my TV on to look at this disgusting mans face or here his lies I cant stand to watch him at all He makes me want to trough up everytime I see him He is not my president untill he shows me his papers and proof to me he is american and he was born here other wise for get it I have no President

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Fred-Mitchell/100000126962566 Fred Mitchell

    No way, I would watch Obamas Inauguration.He has corrupt this ADMIN.And we have 4 yrs ,of his kind of crap.We are loosing America.The liberal media, that can’t get enough of him.

  • AppraisHer

    I saw old newsreels of Hitler being sworn in as Chancellor, this should be very similar. Lots of crying, adoring idiots, fawning press and a narcissistic sociopath speechifying.

  • marie

    I will leave my tv off all day Monday! But they will keep showing it for the next month to force it down our throats…. Media is determined to show obamas and bidens as ‘for the people’

  • Wendy

    He is a piece of crap and it infuriates me as a hard working white collar professional that we are being taxed out of our a-holes for his corrupt socialist agenda. People in this country need to wake up before its too late!

  • DAY

    All I want to know is if he deliberately flubs the swearing in ceremony again, and uses a Bible.

  • Bubba

    Excuse me? Excuse me!! I hate to interrupt all the righteous indignation, but really, if you CARE about your country you have already turned off the TV – in November 2008- and cancelled all subscriptions to cable and satellite TV services.

    If you haven’t done so, then SHUT UP and get back to us when you have.

  • ConstitutionSays

    His inauguration is TODAY, SUNDAY – Jan 20! unless the 20th amendment means as much as the rest of them at this point…How about you turn off the tv for good…they won’t care about one day’s events…even if they are a staged circus show.

  • jamgus24

    there’s no way i could watch this communist muslim get sworn in again. i would be throwing up if i had to watch this fraud and arrogant deviant who hates america and americans.

  • john norton

    Barry securro will never make it another four yrs,not even two of em,things hve a way of happening to cronic evil doer’s…

  • Jane18

    No big surprise here! I did not watch him the first time, do not watch or listen to him about ANYTHING! I know that anything that comes out of his mouth is a lie, and I hate a liar!!

  • lorlan4

    Black out!!! You’ve got my support!

  • GoBarack

    I wish you racist, idiotic, ignorant, self loathing fuckers would get over it! Four more years…deal with it or take the next thing smoking to Mars! I’m sure no one will miss you. If you’re so unhappy, leave! America has spoken and there’s not a damn thing ANY of you can do about it! While you’re turning off your televisions turn off your mouths since you’ve clearly taken the time to turn off your minds. You all make my ass hurt! What a waste of existence!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GDJGRV2MMCB6P2ZYTUZW6BHFVA Richard

    Don’t have cable. No bills. No propaganda. Winning.

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