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Barack’s Benghazi Baloney & Panetta’s Pouting

“There’s a lot of Monday morning quarterbacking going on here,” Panetta said Thursday. “But the basic principle here … is that you don’t deploy forces into harm’s way without knowing what’s going on.” 

Baloney, Mr. Secretary. 

Navy Seals were telling you what was going on. CIA personnel were telling you all about events on the ground. The drone gave you live video. State Department personnel were calling for help. 

The basic principle is this Mr. Secretary: when Americans in hostile territory report they are under heavy fire and they need help, you drop everything and send in the cavalry. 

What the hell is the matter with you people?

Navy Seals and State Department personnel no less Mr. Secretary! They were telling you what was going on, you twit. They’d been telling you for months!

The truth is the entire administration sat on its hands and four brave Americans were tortured and murdered as a result. Then this disgraceful administration lied for weeks to cover it up in a vain attempt to salvage political careers.

Secretaries Panetta and Clinton, President Obama and the rest of the Keystone Cops in the White House knew enough about the attacks they were watching live in Benghazi to order the Seals to stand down.  So, logically, they knew enough about what was happening to also order teams to the rescue. 
The idiots not only let people die, they missed an opportunity to be heroes.  You have to ask why? 
Why would these communist Islamo-apologists refuse to fight back, let our people die, and fail to send help?  Many are looking deeper.  
It can’t simply be political correctness and a fear of offending the Prophet, although that’s obviously Obama’s main concern.  What are they hiding? 
Is it true our ambassador there was engaged in something underhanded?  Were they using him covertly in ways they cannot afford to reveal?  And why would they conjure up the moronic excuse that an unknown, unseen video provoked tens of thousands to attack 20 plus embassies? 
There is much more going on here than meets the eye, and the powers that be in the MSM know enough to come rushing to the President’s aid. 
Now, instead of Al Qaeda on the run, it looks like Al Qaeda has Obama on the run.  Probably best to stop bragging and taking credit for things you had little hand in, things that are better left unmentioned, Barry.
Covering up only stimulates curiosity.   Americans demand answers, and they deserve the truth, especially the loved ones of the fallen.

Allan Erickson

Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.

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