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Israel’s and Iran’s Nuclear Capabilities: It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over

In the early morning of October 24th, an arms factory in South Khartoum, Sudan was bombed. It appears that the factory is the collaborative effort of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the Sudanese government. This is backed up by reports published in the Arab media.

The supposition at this point is that they were IAF (Israeli Air Force) fighter-bombers that did the job. Why suppose that? Well, according to the history record, the IAF has made pre-emptive attacks for annihilating an enemy’s missiles in the early stages of a conflict. One example would be in June 2006 when the IAF obliterated 90% of Hezbollah’s long-range missiles in the early hours of the Lebanon war.

Israel always acts in the defense of its citizens … and they have done so here, yet again…

Under the command of Tehran’s draconian fist, the Revolutionary Guard built this factory and Israel destroyed it for dual reasons:

— To destroy munitions headed for Gaza.
— To send an unequivocal message to the Mad Mullahs that their facilities can be reached.

The IAF attack reportedly destroyed 200 tons of munitions including rockets intended for Gaza … you know, for all those attacks on innocent Israeli citizens the Western media keeps missing…

Now the bombers flew 1,800-1,900 kilometers (1118-1180 miles) to reach the Sudanese arms factory, a distance longer than the 1,600 kilometers (994 miles) to the Iranian underground enrichment Fordo site.

See, Ahjad … no worries … Israel actually CAN reach your nuclear facilities … while you’re counting Halal sheep.

It’s not over concerning Iran’s plans … they are full speed ahead on their nuclear program. That’s bad news for all the unicorn-embracing dreamers on the Left: Sanctions only work in Neverland.

And it’s not over regarding Israel’s last word on Iran’s plans. One of these days, while Ahjad and his puppet masters are waiting for their messiah, Israel’s last word on the matter will be heard … POOF!

So, Tehran, don’t get too comfy. It ain’t over till it’s over … over there.

Shalom through strength…

Image: Anti-aircraft guns guarding Natanz Nuclear Facility, Iran; courtesy of; author Hamed Saber; Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

Audrey Russo

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