Fresh Batch of “Brownies” Courtesy of the Worsening Post-Sandy Fiasco …

Published on November 2, 2012

There’s a fresh batch of “Brownies” being served up to the nation via Hurriane Sandy and the Northeast coast. “Brownies” you ask? Remember, following Katrina, the media indignation which boiled over when George W. Bush congratulated FEMA director Michael Brown for a job well done? Well, if the MSM has any interest in objective reporting, there ought to be some anger at what is now happening in New York City and New Jersey. Read more, below from the folks at …

Obama lied. People died. That was Benghazi. That was bad enough. Let’s change that to Obama is lying and people are dying. Notice the present tense.

What is going on? What is so bad that people are dying and it really is Obama’s fault?

If the press treated Obama the way they treated George Bush after Katrina, this would be all over the press. But the press has now evolved into nothing more than a propaganda arm for Obama; therefore he is getting a free pass.

Hurricane Sandy hit and now in the aftermath, people are dying. While Obama is using the post Sandy wreckage and that insufferable bag of hot air, Chris Christie as props for his photo ops, in Staten Island, three days after Sandy, people do not have food. They do not have heat and unlike Katrina, the cold is a huge issue. Katrina happened in the summer and while the heat was an issue for some, the cold is an issue for everyone.

It is not just Obama the media is treating with kid gloves. It is every liberal involved. Bush was castigated for congratulating Michael Brown for doing a great job with Katrina. Obama has a whole cast of Michael Browns to choose from.

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Image: courtesy of Flickr as “Chocolate Beetroot Brownies”; author: dichohecho;Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license