The New Barbarians and the “Politics of Stupid”

Written by Allan Erickson on November 12, 2012

“Typical white people,” according to the president, are afraid of blacks, because we are racists, of course, like his grandmother.  We “cling to guns and Bibles,” because we are “frustrated,” all Bush’s fault you see.  According to the president, his crowd should “get up in our faces,” and vote “revenge” so as to “spread the wealth.”  If you started a business and worked hard to be a success and create jobs, “You didn’t build that,” he says. “Somebody else built that.”
Our people get murdered in Benghazi, and it’s some Islamophobe’s fault.  A jihadist murders soldiers at Ft. Hood, and it’s not terrorism perpetrated by a Palestinian fanatic, rather, it is “workplace violence.”  Hurricane Sandy?  Blame global warming which is the fault of oil companies, and, Bush owned one so it’s his fault.  Oh, and Henry Ford, too, but he didn’t build that…
Obama says we suffer from Romnesia, infected by the murderer who stole from the poor and outsourced to get rich because he don’t care, and he don’t pay no taxes, the new Massa on the plantation, lookin’ to “put y’all in chains,” sayeth Joe the Blow.
Forward! (?)
Thanks to the president’s friends in the Black Panther Party, we get to find out what it’s like “to have a black man rule ya,” for another four years. 
Washington, and most Presidents, had the idea their job was to serve the people.  Obama has the idea he has a right to “rule” us.  This is what he calls the “change” that has “come to America.” 
You see, it is not about forming a more perfect union, it’s about payback, revenge, conquest, and war.  This is not about a president serving the people.  This is about a president declaring war on half the country, a president encouraging the new barbarians who blindly stumble along playing the politics of stupid, demanding: “Lay on the goodies or we’ll burn the mother***ker down!”  Social ‘justice’  they call it, at Harvard, and Columbia and Occidental.
Obama encourages this behavior; then tells us he is the great unifier.  Is anybody paying attention?  Polish up that Peace Prize baby!
The barbarians are not restricted to one color or creed.  They run the full range, from rich young rulers to misguided white boys, to radicalized Hispanics, and back again to whomever, all with an axe to grind on a spinning stone.  These “special” interests advocate their own narrow agendas to the destruction of the general welfare.  Obama and Co. have simply found a way to organize the community of rodents along Pied Piper Way.
They are kind to both stupidity and irrationality.
By any objective non-partisan measure Obama has been the most accomplished failure in history, especially when it comes to the economy.  Not only has he failed to do anything useful, everything he has done has made matters worse.  By some measures this is worse than the Great Depression. 
The party line that tells us the economy is rotten thanks to Reagan/Bush?  A complete lie.
We are bankrupt and our economy is in shambles thanks to the very policies Obama and his allies have instituted for decades: centralized power, government intrusion, confiscatory taxation, stifling regulation, loss of competitiveness, dwindling manufacturing, restricted resource extraction, expensive energy, expensive labor, government spending and waste, entitlements and the unproductive mentality they foster, creeping communism, and the idea that government can and should steal from one citizen and give to another, thereby dominating everyone.
It doesn’t work.  It’s immoral.  It’s counterproductive and divisive. It’s irrational. It is stupid.
And what do the geniuses in this government recommend?  More stupid, as the barbarians applaud, and chant:
“Elect Obama or we’ll assassinate Romney!”  
“Cut me a check or I’ll burn the house down!”
One reader was dead on commenting: “They’re addicted.  You cannot reason with an addict.  Addicts are hooked, and they will always demand more, blaming everyone else, never taking any responsibility.” (We need Divine intervention!)
Not only are they addicted to government goodies and the nanny state, they are addicted to demonizing others, playing the blame game, and the race card.  Verbal violence, their recreation, will inevitably turn to physical violence. 
And President Pusher Man is happy to stick another needle full of stupid in the barbarians’ arms.  Raise the debt ceiling. Tax the rich. Print some more money for us to spend. Destroy the currency.  We don’t need no stinkin’ budget. To hell with the next  generation.  Michelle is due for another $4M vacation, so shut up.
Meanwhile we all get swallowed in the financial maelstrom, as Ahmadinejad and Putin stand by, pointing and giggling.

Image: Roman soldier submitting a Barbarian; courtesy of National Museum_of Rome; Ludovisi Collection; Photographer: Marie-Lan Nguyen (September 2009);Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Generic license.

Allan Erickson
Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.