Massachusetts School Puts On Genesis Play…With Gay Characters

Written by Andres Ortiz on March 9, 2013

Mass School“The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told” is the name of the play that a Massachusetts charter school will be putting on this year. Despite being called blasphemous, offensive, and hateful, the school has decided the show will go on even if those pesky Christians want to organize protests. Pioneer Valley Performing Arts School is located in South Hadley, Hampshire County. The Head of School, Scott Goldman, said the play cannot be canceled because it would “very much go against the grain of our unique, artistic and intellectually rigorous PVPA community and the larger Pioneer Valley Community.”

The play is said to be aimed at a high school and adult audience, but this still does not satisfy many of the religious folk in the area. One Reverend said “I didn’t know it was the responsibility of charter schools to teach religious bigotry.” Of course, the ACLU regional office director spoke on the matter as well: “The highest function of art is to make people think and talk and consider and be challenged. This play seems to fill the aspirations and goals of art.”

Should this play go on?

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