Islamic Terror? “Pay No Attention to the Ideology Behind the Curtain”

Written by Luke Hamilton on April 18, 2013

elephant_in_the_room_437_01Do we have to play pretend again this time? Even now, given what this country and the world have experienced over the past decade? Do we have to continue the charade of watching CNN, Fox News, and local broadcasts, all showing hysterical people frantically searching for loved ones amidst the chaos, and pretend that there is no demographic which bears a heightened probability of involvement in this cowardly attack?

“Gosh, I really hope that they’re questioning Canadian Episcopalian deacons about the Boston attacks!”

“Has anyone thought to have the bomb dogs check out those bulbous dreadlock sacks on top of those Rastafarians from Jamaica?!?”

“Why isn’t anyone talking about the danger posed by those teenagers on a church trip from Iowa? They all had backpacks and they subscribe to a hateful and bigoted worldview!”

Of course, these questions are rhetorical because we most certainly do have to participate in this mummer’s show once again. We’ll watch as “expert” after “expert” tries to outdo each other in their ability to ignore the 500 lb Arabian elephant in the room.

We live in a world which is governed by laws of logic and science. We trust in the Law of Gravity because we have an immense amount of data to draw from that says when we let go of an apple, it will fall towards the earth. Does this happen every time? No, we have discovered how to influence the natural pressures on an apple to defy gravity. But when someone drops an apple, we do not wait around, pretending that we have no idea what it might do.

Enter Islam. Now, are all Muslims terrorists? They are not. However in our day and age, nearly all terrorists are Muslim. This is simply fact. We can debate the meaning and ramifications of this fact, but we cannot argue the truth of it. A short trip over to one of the best sites around ( quickly shows us the truth.

The good folk over at TROP dedicate their efforts to accumulating data from terrorist attacks around the world and compiling them into monthly and annual reports on the devastation wreaked in the name of Islam. In the month of March 2013 alone, there were 189 separate attacks in the name of Islam around the world. These took place in 21 different countries and involved victims who were of 5 different religions. These attacks produced 988 dead bodies and 2,093 critically injured victims. In one month.

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