Benghazi Hearing v. Pat Tillman Hearing: Democratic Hypocrisy!

Published on May 15, 2013

by Ron Collins
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAAnyone remember when the US military decided to make some “stylistic” changes to the events surrounding Pat Tillman’s death? On April 22, 2004, Tillman was shot dead by a fellow Ranger shortly after being deployed to Afghanistan. The Army claimed his death happened during an intense fire fight with the enemy and when evidence was “leaked” to the contrary, investigations ensued and eventually congressional hearings not unlike those we have been watching this week.

Gen. McChrystal had played a central role in the “stylistic” changes that occurred in reference to Tillman’s death. That was perhaps the resume enhancement Obama was looking for when appointing McChrystal to an advisory board assigned to help military families. Gen. McChrystal was just another bump under this administration’s bus wheels after some “anti-Obama” remarks made during a Rolling Stone interview “forced” him to resign.

There are more than a few major differences in the events of both Tillman’s death in Afghanistan and the events in Benghazi. Most notably would be: Afghanistan is an ongoing military operation and Benghazi consisted of a small security force and US Ambassador. Also worth noting is that during combat missions in rural Afghanistan, every time a bullet is fired no one is calling Washington to reprise them of the situation. The focus here is the ensuing congressional hearing and the stark contrast of liberal moral outrage then and now.

In 2007 Henry, the Nostrils, Waxman (D-Los Angeles) headed the House Oversight Committee and scheduled hearings concerning Tillman’s death and subsequent cover up. The hearings were titled “Misleading Information from the Battlefield”. In Nostrils opening salvo he said “The families and others … have been ignored or dismissed with simple or incomplete answers … this is simply unacceptable.” Waxman went on to criticize the US government for “misleading”, “contradictory accounts” and releasing “false information.”

How quaint and predictable: the libs manage to find their spine and decry false information, when it suits their agenda. I wanted to know the truth then, as I do now. As did those on the same side of the aisle of Bush and Rummy. Rep. Tom Davis (R-Va.) found the Tillman case “troubling”. Rep. John Duncan (R-Tenn.) had called for tougher probing of the Pentagon.

On Wednesday’s hearings on Benghazi there was not a single serious question from the liberals. Their time was spent covering Hillary’s cankels and claiming the investigation was complete.

Or bits of wisdom from Elijah Cummings (D-MD) saying “..death is a part of life” and “There was no evidence of a conspiracy to withhold military assets for political reasons.[besides an election a few weeks away] No evidence of a cover-up. [besides the eyewitness accounts to the contrary] No evidence that the administration intentionally mislead anyone [besides the multitude of times “the insulting video” was held up as cause]. No evidence that anyone was threatened for coming forward to testify…” [except the whistle blowers testimony to the contrary].

Yea, there is no evidence, except for all the damning evidence. It seems the search for truth ends when it’s the liberals hide that is being tanned.

A complete novel could be written on liberal hypocrisy concerning just these two investigations. For posterity sake here is a quick greatest hits list of Democrats’ quotes during the 2007 Tillman investigation:

— “Anything less than the truth is a betrayal of those values that all soldiers who have fought for this nation have sought to uphold.”

— “Misleading Information from the Battlefield”… “the Defense Department did not meet its most basic obligations in sharing accurate information with the families and the American public.”

— “….members of his administration have repeatedly defied the Constitution, violated the law, put our country in jeopardy.”

— “This hearing will enable the facts to be presented in a clear and straightforward way so that the Congress and the American people can more fully understand just how corruptly this administration has operated.”

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