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Save the Planet … from Liberalism

By Clash Daily

May 22, 2013 at 1:16 pm

by Ron Collins

Clash Daily Guest Contributor

“I will respect the opinions, proposed solutions, green alternatives and regulations that are inspired using liberal logic when these eco, tree hugging, liberal mental midgets crawl from their darkened caves, wrapped in fig leaves and hand deliver their eco-friendly solutions that have been scratched into tree bark with a stick”, paraphrased from the great mind of Bill Whittle.

The left and the environmental whack-jobs (but I repeat myself) through green regulation have managed to put thousands of Americans out of work, make the world a little darker, hungrier, and poorer. Through liberal environmental regulation the planet is now more polluted.

Thousands are out of work because GE and other incandescent light bulb factories have shut their U.S.A. manufacturing facilities. They continue to do so as a result of a ban on the Edison invention that goes into effect in 2014. That can also read “thousands employed in China to manufacture both incandescent and the new curly, eco-friendly until you break them, light bulbs. Part of Obama’s green plan was to create 800,000 green jobs. He just failed to clarify that most of those jobs will be created overseas.

The new legal bulbs are the “energy efficient” CFL’s. You know, the twisty ones that are now mass produced overseas and shipped here for our convenience. With the imminent outlaw of Edison’s invention I searched for the rules on clean up for the new CFL’s. You can download the 3 page PDF, provided by the EPA that contains 11 clean-up steps that end with a recommendation to “continue to air out the room where the bulb was broken and leave the heating or A/C system shut off for several hours.”

Along with chasing these manufacturers out of the US, do these morons really believe they are doing the planet any good? Do they really believe the Chinese use cleaner, more eco-friendly facilities than what is already in use here in the USA?

These new eco-friendly bulbs contain mercury. This highly dangerous substance, so we’ve been told since children, through regulation will be in every home and office in the US by 2014. The mercury regulations and the processes involved in manufacturing these new “eco-friendly” bulbs make manufacturing in the US all but impossible. Rest easy. Thousands in China now have jobs.

Now we’re all a little hungrier. Some parts of the planet are experiencing more food shortages and starvation. All due to liberal, Democrat, a few Republicans and eco-tree-hugging sponsored regulations. Rules and new laws based on assumptions and bad science.

Thanks to all those greenies and a few Republicans that latched onto and refused to let go of the delusion that Ethanol would provide a viable alternative fuel source. I understand that many of the intelligent ones have apologized when faced with the facts about ethanol. You see, ethanol’s overall result is less fuel efficiency and higher food cost. From start to finish the overall development of ethanol actually creates more pollution than the fuel we currently use.

Ethanol is harder on engines so you may as well plan on more maintenance cost. Being an alcohol, ethanol will prematurely deteriorate seals, rings, plastics, rubber and all that other good stuff that makes up just about every thing-a-ma-jig in your car.

1/3 of the corn produced in the US now goes to ethanol along with billions in taxpayer subsidies. Not only did this raise the cost of food in the U.S.A. where many can “afford” it, the rising cost is literally starving other people around the globe.

The EPA was stopped before it could strong-arm the dairy industry into regulatory compliance. The “easy to read” 57 page compliance list can be downloaded from the EPA web site as well. This regulation is based on the idea that “oil” in milk gives the EPA regulatory power over it. Now, the EPA was trying to cash in on the industry and regulate (that reads increased cost to consumers) dairy farmers into compliance with oil spill “emergency management” plans; how the farmer will deal with the spill, along with how they will train the “first responders” and build “containment facilities”. All for possible milk spills.

So, for dimmer more dangerous lighting, thank a liberal. For the high food cost and increasing shortages thank those who shout the loudest that they care the most about the little people. For fewer jobs, more regulations, laws and the inability to run an effective light bulb manufacturing facility or a dairy farm, thank the libdolts for their insane logic.

Ron Collins was born in '70. Raisin' chickens and shootin' groundhogs by 5. A little bit hillbilly, a little bit city boy, but always an unashamed and politically incorrect American. Best advice he took from his father: "Find your heroes among American History not Hollywood or the sports arena."