Kerry’s Speech: Read Between the Lines

Written by Ron Collins on August 21, 2013

By the end of the Cold War, most folks still got their news from the daily paper or nightly news broadcast that were available on one of three channels. They were quite singular, focused and generally accepted as truth. What problems this internet has created for the spin machines needs to continue.

And that brings us to his second point; how does he square the circle that somehow information spread at the speed of fingertips makes it harder to organize people? 15 years ago if you wanted to host a party you had a few options; spend all day on the phone, some still rotary, calling the people you wish to invite or send invitations via postal service. Compare that to today where it takes about 2 minutes to email or use social media and results can be a huge party in a matter of hours.
I understand that’s not the organization he’s spewing about, but it’s a simple, relevant example on the ease of organizing anything in the internet age. The Tea Party comes to mind. And that’s the kind of organizing he is lamenting.

The “common interest”. Every liberal’s wet dream is to impose their common interest on the rest of us. For our own good and they know best, don’t you know? Kinda like universal health care. It’s in our common interest, and according to B.O. It is a right. Not a God-given right, but a “man-god” given right. Our common interest in redistribution from the workers and producers to the lazy and unmotivated.

What is the common interest in America with 300+ million people? Or the planet of billions? I would argue the one common interest most humans share is freedom. Leave that out and you have billions of interests. I don’t believe there can be found some magical common ground for everyone, everywhere. Yet the liberals do. They won’t rest until we accept their chosen common interest, like 0bamacare.

Some people are happy in a 9-5. Some are happy with the “free” stuff they get from the 9-5ers. Others wish to lead, most want a leader to follow. All men are created equal.  Some choose not to stay that way. The common interest factor should not be a consideration in governing, barring the common interest of securing our peace and protecting our liberties!

From him, in context and actual words, it sounds as if Kerry wishes the dictators could have kept the people’s voices suppressed a while longer. And without the internet, the nanny state agenda would be much easier to carry out.

Maybe the Elite Washington Crew haven’t reached Dictator status just yet, but they seem to be moving in that direction.

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