PC Pummelling of Eagles’ Riley Cooper — Enough Already!

Published on August 2, 2013

by Dennis Albini
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

The last couple of days have been a maelstrom of emotion at the Philadelphia Eagles training camp. Their fourth year wide receiver, Riley Cooper, has been the lightning rod for this attention, due to a video recently released showing Cooper in a drunken state at a Kenny Chesney concert in Philly (from early June) harassing an African American security guard. During this altercation, Riley uttered the “N” word. Note: I have not personally seen this video…only what I’ve heard on the various sports networks.

Please let it be known that I detest the use of that racist slur, even from a very early age as instructed by my parents. My earliest recollections of the “eenie, meanie, minie, mo” ditty center upon the substitution of the word “tiger” or “rabbit” in lieu of the original. I am fully in favor of the complete redaction of this word from the American lexicon, as well as all other racist labels.

In addition, I agree with the fine (undisclosed dollar amount) imposed against Riley by the Eagles for this outburst. There are consequences for our transgressions. Obviously, future violations of this nature would involve harsher consequences, even dismissal. Evaluate on a case-by-case basis.

Having said that, Riley ostensibly made a heart-felt public apology for his sin. He seemed genuinely repentant, and received forgiveness from Michael Vick (quarterback for the Eagles) and many of his Eagle teammates. However, not all of his teammates, nor much of the public, have such a gracious and forgiving spirit as Michael Vick.

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