Big Q of the Day: Intervene in Iraq? Defeat ISIS?

Written by Allan Erickson on June 15, 2014

The inescapable question of the day is: SHOULD WE MOVE TO INTERVENE IN IRAQ AND DEFEAT ISIS?


We gave Iraqis hope. Our men and women died, and many more were wounded, some so seriously they can hardly function. We owe it to the Iraqis. We owe it to those who gave so much to secure that country.

Our military defeated Al Qaeda and worked miracles. Obama and his people wasted all that sacrifice and dashed the hopes of the Iraqi people.

Do we owe it to women and children being raped and slaughtered? Do we owe it to Iraqis being beheaded? Do we owe it to ourselves?

A real President would never have allowed Al-Maliki to ruin all our achievements. A real President would at this very hour order our generals and our advisers and our Air Force into the battle to muster Iraqi forces, provide intelligence on the ground, and eradicate ISIS from the air. A real President would show courage, resolve and leadership.

Tragically, we do not have a real President at the helm. Instead, we have a community organizer who failed even at that.

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Allan Erickson
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