Hamas Rejects Truce: Now Israel Can Legally Liquidate Them!

Written by Audrey Russo on July 16, 2014

Egypt’s proposed truce came…and went. Israel agreed to it, but Hamas said no (anyway, Hamas has broken every truce/treaty it’s ever made with Israel so, same result).

The current conflict in the Gaza Strip was the product of a ruse by Hamas to get Israel back in the crosshairs of the Western media. With all the attention focused on Syria, Iraq and ISIS…and all the hate being aimed between Muslim groups/sects…they had to bring their common enemy back in the picture…

And they did so by kidnapping three innocent Israeli teens and murdering them in cold blood…as all savages do.

This provoked the current conflict.

As far as the rejected truce by Hamas…it was infantile because their irrational demands were not included. According to The Times of Israel:
— There is no mention in the proposal of Hamas’s oft-repeated demand for the release of the dozens of its operatives, freed in the 2011 Shalit deal, who were rearrested in recent weeks by Israeli forces in the West Bank in the wake of the murders of the three Israeli teenagers.
— There is also no concrete commitment regarding the opening of the Rafah border crossing (1,400 arms-smuggling tunnels).
— There was no mention of the payments of the salaries of Hamas’s 40,000 clerks in Gaza.
— There is no mention whatsoever of the situation in the West Bank.

According to YNetNews, about an hour after the cabinet agreed to the truce, Code Red sirens sounded in Ashkelon and nearby regional councils. Two rockets landed outside a community in Eshkol, and were followed by further barrages of rockets.

Since Israel commenced a response to the savage kidnapping and murder of the three innocent Jewish teens, Hamas has (as always since it took over the Gaza Strip in 2005) bombarded Israeli civilian areas with, according to the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) since 2005: 11,000+ rockets into Israel and Over five million Israelis are currently living under threat of rocket attacks.

The hopes of free people everywhere are that Israel will finally wipe out this brood of vipers. Of course, it won’t wipe out the virulent hate toward Israel…but it might just slap back the other Islamic pests surreptitiously waiting their turn.

Shalom through strength…

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