FIRE ESCAPE? Al Sharpton, His Tax Records, the IRS

Published on March 22, 2015

by Les Weaver
Clash Daily Contributor

As I understand it, to date the IRS seems to accept that Al Sharpton has a valid excuse for not being able to respond to an IRS audit so that he can “belly up” to his tax responsibilities. It seems that although Sharpton ran for Mayor of New York in 1997 and for President in 2003, he also experienced serious fires at his headquarters. Thereafter and because those fires destroyed his critical records, he has claimed to be unable to file his tax returns. Independent rumor is that “if he were we”, Sharpton would be in arrears by millions of dollars plus interest and penalties and in addition be subject to serious jail time.

Having read about Sharpton’s plight, I composed this open letter to the IRS not just for myself but also for the millions of other citizen taxpayers”

“IRS: If we fall victim to a fire that destroys all of our income record, will we also be given a pass on any alleged tax responsibilities? Will the IRS refund any monies in their possession that were withheld? Will a backyard burn-barrel full of ashes suffice as evidence that there was a fire? Will our oath be sufficient testament that those ashes were our only source of records? Will our sworn statement suffice to prove personal innocence of arson that destroyed those records?

If this isn’t sufficient, what if we call 911 and have the police witness that our home office has been burglarized of all records, personal computer, etc.?

Surely there must be some way where our tax liability is dismissed as cleanly as Mr. Sharpton’s. Or, is dismissal totally dependent upon voter registration as a Democrat, an acceptable complexion, and these bonded with a personal friendship to President Obama?”

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