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HOAX OF THE MILLENIUM: Man-Made Global Warming, the UN, Politicians, Lawyers, Media and Academia

The annual United Nations Climate Change Conference is scheduled for November 30 through December 11 of this year. This meeting will be far different than previous years though. While these earlier conferences were filled with plenty of alarmist rhetoric and sanctimonious declarations of how much attendees really care about the planet, this year’s meeting is aiming much higher.

The goal as stated by the organizing committee is to forge a binding and universal agreement on climate, from all the nations of the world. Do you think such an agreement will promote economic freedom and prosperity in the U.S.? Of course it won’t. We will pay dearly in cash and freedom.

The pro-climate change organization Green Alliance published an advisory document last year listing the type of compliances targeted for inclusion in such a global agreement. Some of the provisions sure to be proposed are:

— A strong legal framework and clear rules
— A central role for equity (spreading the wealth, perhaps?)
— A long term approach
— Public finance for adaptation and the low carbon transition (Hide your wallets!)
— A framework for action on deforestation and land use (Can you spell Agenda 21?)
— Clear links to the 2015 Sustainable Development goals (Say goodbye to property rights.)

All of these are cloaked in the need to “take ambitious action before and after 2020”.

I believe fueling the urgency to take action is the fact that the premise of climate change is beginning to fall apart. As I mentioned in last week’s column, contrary to what the climate changers declare, there is no consensus among scientists that the earth is warming because of human activity. Over 31,000 American scientists have signed a partition stating their disagreement with this assessment. There’s many more I’m sure that would agree publicly if not for their fear of being labeled a “denier” and having funding, tenure, publication, and department promotions withheld. Ah, the tolerant Left.

If you really want a consensus, there really is one on the fact that the average global temperature over the last eighteen years has not risen. Of course, the climate changers state that this is just a pause, though they can’t say why and soon there will be hell to pay.

I can assure you as we approach the conference, the Left will become increasingly more frantic in making claims of impending doom about the earth’s climate. You can take that to the bank. There is only a short time left before the data denying man-induced global warming becomes overwhelming. Then even lying Marxists won’t be able to keep a straight face when spouting their warming propaganda.

You have to understand that this effort has nothing to do with the climate. This has everything to do with concentrating power on a global scale. If an agreement like outlined above is reached, it represents the first real step to a global governance, better known as U.N. nirvana. Do you want some European bureaucrat deciding what your thermostat is set on or whether you can install a wood burning stove or not? Your president is highly supportive of this and is selling you down that road with gusto!

Facilitating this entire process is an unholy alliance that the great author Michael Crichton described in his outstanding novel, State of Fear. He outlined a parasitic symbiosis between politicians, lawyers, and the media. Politicians need to have fear to get the population’s attention and to motivate them to take a particular action. You know, like giving up prosperity and freedom to avert a fictitious global warming disaster. Like I said, just watch the climate disaster shrillness ramp up as we approach the U.N. climate change conference.

And then lawyers need regulations and violations to bring suits to court in order to afford the BMW and the trophy wife with just a little left over to fund the fear mongering politicians’ re-election campaigns. And of course there’s the media. They need scary, apocalyptic stories to sell ad time and to make sure Shepard Smith always has a show.

I would add to this unholy trio a fourth member – academia. It’s academia that provides the premises, the fuel, that the engine described above can then operate on. Academia is really good at coming up with things to be fearful of, like capitalistic economies, the Second Amendment, women deciding to have their babies, and people who proclaim love for Jesus.

So if you want a way to concentrate power and wealth, have academia come up with phony data about climate change. Once an alarming scenario is constructed, the politicians can then swing into action and scare the population into accepting increasingly draconian restrictions. Lawyers can then pounce on the lawless violators and the media cheerleads the whole process along.

And as this mechanism proceeds, our rights are crushed underneath a behemoth that becomes inexorably more powerful and intrusive. The individual no longer matters. It’s the success of the state that is paramount. It’s the global movement that matters. What is happening is what our Constitution sought to prevent. However, the Constitution’s firewalls have been breached and soon it may be time for a new revolution. I hope we still have the will.



John Tutten

John Tutten holds degrees in both engineering and business management. He is veteran of thirty-three years in the high technology business world where he spent time in development engineering and technology management predominantly in the area of custom semiconductor circuits. He recently retired to the mountains of north Georgia where he devotes his time to the study of Christian Apologetics and writing in defense of the Christian worldview.

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