HILARIOUS: Huckabee MOCKS Pelosi Over Her Ben Carson Comments And It’s PURE Gold

Written by K. Walker on December 6, 2016

Nancy, Nancy, Nancy! How can one person be such a lightning rod for stupid and keep getting elected?



Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., who will succeed retiring Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev. as the Senate minority leader in January, said he has “serious concerns” about Carson’s nomination and said he and other Democrats plan to ensure that he is fully vetted during his confirmation process.

“Someone who is as anti-government as him is a strange fit for Housing Secretary, to say the least,” Schumer said in a statement Monday afternoon. “As he moves through the confirmation process, Americans deserve to know that their potential HUD Secretary is well versed in housing policy and has a vision for federal housing programs that meets the needs of Americans across the country and seeks to provide access to those that we haven’t reached already.”…

…But critics of the Trump appointment, such as Amy Liu, the director of the Metropolitan Policy Program and the left-leaning Brookings Institution, say the powerful personal story doesn’t make up for the lack of knowledge about housing needs of high-poverty areas and how deeply they intersect with other related issues, such as racial tension with police.

“There’s a lot of anxiety now, because this election was about the heartland versus the coastal elites; we’re going to need a HUD secretary who governs both,” Liu told the New York Times. “When I think about what HUD is going to have to deal with next, it’s going to be the future of high-poverty neighborhoods, and how to deal with that not only in Baltimore but also Ferguson.”
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We need to unpack this a little.

The HUD Secretary needs to deal with racial tensions with police?

Since when?

Or is this part of the ‘Obama Legacy’?

This wonderful ‘post-racial’ era that we’re in now.

If that’s being added to his portfolio, maybe a successful 65-year old black man is the guy to get that job done, too.

Obama didn’t do it.

Racial tensions and the cynicism with police has increased under Obama’s two terms — because he has fuelled it.

Perhaps because Barry didn’t grow up in that urban setting he doesn’t understand what it’s like.

Maybe we need someone who lived there, made himself a success and is a positive role model, rather than someone that had opportunity handed to him because of his upper-middle class privilege.

Don’t you love the Democrat outrage?

Dr. Carson, who grew up in government housing in Detroit wouldn’t understand the needs of poor, (predominantly black) people living in government housing.


And, not that Republicans are obsessed with race and the concept of ‘Identity Politics’ like Democrats are, he’s also black.

So experience on the receiving end means he is not qualified.

Didn’t the Democrats just run the last couple Presidential candidates based on race and gender as their primary qualifications?

So, Pelosi, who was rated by Business Insider as the 13th richest member of Congress is slamming Dr. Ben Carson, a man who grew up in a poor neighborhood… for not being able to relate to the needs of poor voters?

Nancy, here you go. You’ve earned this a thousand times over:


Mike Huckabee has the perfect response to Pelosi’s ravings:

Thanks, Mike.

We couldn’t have said it better.

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