WATCH: New Assange ‘Hacking Interview’ Is EPIC, Makes The Left Look INCOMPETENT PIGS

Written by K. Walker on January 4, 2017

Julian Assange DESTROYS the ‘Russian Hacking’ narrative in one sit-down interview with Sean Hannity.

This. Is. Incredible.

Julian Assange stands by the perfect 10-year record of WikiLeaks. There has never been any accusation of the information published by the website as inaccurate or that they have been falsified in any way.

In his first face-to-face News interview, Julian Assange tells Hannity that Obama is ‘playing games’ and ‘acting like a lawyer’ by telling the public that Russian ‘hacking’ of the election caused Donald Trump’s win. Assange says the lawyer-speak that Obama is using to imply that Russia ‘hacked’ voting machines is disingenuous.

He says that we need to be cautious and examine the lawyerly language that Obama is using to ‘conflate different things together’.

Assange, a former Computer Security Expert, also says that the joint FBI-DHS Report on the 2016 Election is a ‘bad report’. It simply shows ‘indicators’ and nothing definitively connecting Russia to the ‘hacking’ of DNC and Podesta emails to WikiLeaks. Furthermore, one of the tools is commercially available produced by in the Ukraine. He says it is either it’s a deliberate attempt to mislead or complete incompetance.

Watch the FULL interview here:

At the 27 minute mark, Assange covers the ‘hacking’ of Podesta’s emails and the Media (D) collusion with the Democratic Party.

John Podesta’s emails were made public by the whistleblowing website and proved to be a hammer blow to the Democrat’s election campaign as she lost out to Trump.

In an interview, Assange revealed the campaign chairman’s password was ‘password’ and that he had responded to phishing emails.

The Wikileaks founder said he was 1,000 percent confident the Russians did not hack the Clinton campaign, adding Barack Obama was ‘trying to delegitimize the Trump administration’.

‘A 14-year-old kid could have hacked Podesta that way,’ Assange told Sean Hannity on Fox News.

He added Clinton made ‘almost no attempt’ to secure her private emails, which featured in more than 50,000 leaked documents published by Wikileaks.

Assange, who was interviewed at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, also said he questioned whether US media outlets would have done the same.

‘It’s more like, “You rub my back, I’ll rub yours. I’ll give you information, you’ll come to my – I’ll invite you to my child’s christening or my next big party”,’ he said in the interview, referring to the Clinton party’s relationship with reporters.

President-elect Trump reacted to the news by tweeting: ‘Julian Assange said “a 14-year-old could have hacked Podesta” – why was DNC so careless? Also said Russians did not give him the info!’
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The Media (D) is now saying that WikiLeaks changed the result of the Election.

Assange is happy to have WikiLeaks get the credit for ‘exposing the corruption and behavior that was occurring in that Clinton team and the DNC’.

He also says that although the information was influential but it is impossible to tell if WikiLeaks affected the Election results. If it did, however, it was the ‘true statements of Hillary Clinton, her campaign manager, John Podesta, and the DNC head, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz — their true statements is what changed the Election.’

Boom! He went for the juggular.

There’s no backing away from that, the fault lies right at their feet.
So, now that Trump has won, what do you think of him granting Julian Assange asylum and giving him ‘Hero’ status?

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