WHOA! Did Nancy have a stroke she hasn’t told us about?

Pelosi is stumbling through SO many errors in her speech that she is making Obama’s stammering “If-if-if-if … okeydoke” speech look Churchillian.

The Mirror shortened her speech to the parts with the glaring errors so that you wouldn’t have to sit through the whole thing. (They listened to it, so you wouldn’t have to. That was nice of them.)

Here are a few questions to get you started.

Do YOU know the difference between ‘recanting’ and ‘recounting’?

Did YOU notice her fail while trying to say ‘Medicare and Medicaid’?

Is it normal to tell people when they SHOULD have clapped? And to call out ‘applause line’?

Is it NORMAL to admit that clapping like a trained seal demonstrates acumen as a future Democrat ‘leader’?

Do YOU know which state has Kasich as its Governor?

Do YOU know MLK’s last name?

Because Nancy Pelosi kept digging that hole deeper.

Share this and give it the coverage the Media (D) would provide to a botched REPUBLICAN speech.

Like Clash? Like Clash.

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