Hillary Waxes POETIC About Her Childhood – ‘FORGETS’ To Mention The BROTHEL & SHADY Kin

Published on March 22, 2017

If anything like her family tree were growing in your back yard, you’d uproot it.

Suddenly ‘standing by Bill’ makes MUCH more sense.

Corrupt politician running things from his own back yard? Family member who ran a sketchy hotel in a red light district? Illegal gambling charge? Bribing judges?

Does it shock you that we’re talking about Hillary’s family tree?

Hillary, taking the stage last week before the dinner was served, talked about her grandfather, who came to Scranton with his parents when he was 3, the sixth of an eventual 11 children from a family that left the coal mines in England ‘searching for a better life and more opportunity.’
But she neglected to mention some of the skeletons in the family closet.
Clinton may have enjoyed her long ago visits to the Spartan Rodham cottage, but there’s a much darker side to Rodham family life in the dreary coal and mill town where they first settled in the late 1800s.
As documented in my book, Hillary had a great-uncle, George Beale Rodham, who became a corrupt political boss in Scranton – a forebear whom she has rarely talked about publicly. Dailymail

Seeing a familiar pattern here?

His son, Donald Rodham, told me that his father ran his political business clandestinely from the backyard of his Scranton home. ‘No one, including my mother, or I, was privy…My father would have all kinds of conversations out there…My dad would say to me, ‘Go in the house’…that occurred frequently.’
Enter Anna May Wittick Rodham, wife of councilman George Rodham’s brother, Robert Bell Rodham, a great uncle of Hillary’s, and one of the ne’er-do-well Rodhams – an alcoholic, the tenth of Jonathan and Isabelle Rodham’s brood.
With George Rodham’s political clout, Anna May – abandoned by her husband – opened a questionable hotel and a beer-and-gin joint in the heart of Scranton’s infamous red-light district – Rodham’s Hotel, on Franklin Avenue. —Dailymail

Is it any wonder they’re being investigated for an (allegedly) fake charity? For pay to play? That they’re meeting the AG on a tarmac even though one was able to promise her a job, while both were under at least one FBI investigation.

Backyard meetings? Is that anything like fake servers?

No wonder she’s so unshaken about his infidelity. Who cares. Sex is just another commodity for sale to a Clinton.

You know, like political power.

How much did the Saudi Prince brag about backing her campaign for? Twenty-five percent, was it? He bragged about it in JUNE!

That’s enough to make the Russian connections of Hillary’s inner circle look like chump change… well — almost.

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