WATCH: Huckabee Calls Obama’s DOJ Funding Progressive Groups ‘Worse Than A Mafia Shakedown’

Mike Huckabee was on Fox News talking about the egregious allocation of funds to Progressive organizations through the Department of Justice.

According to the House Judiciary Committee, when the Department of Justice takes legal action against a bank or a business, the defendants often settle.

The settlement money goes to affected customers, the government, or a DoJ ‘slush fund’.

The Obama Administration used this money to fund left-wing groups like ‘La Raza’ and the ‘National Urban League’.

Huckabee was outraged at the audacity of the DoJ to bypass Congress and given taxpayer money to progressive organizations.

He said that it’s ‘worse than a Mafia shakedown. Because, at least, if the Mafia shakes you down for protection, your store doesn’t burn down.’


Under the Obama administration, recipients of the “slush fund” money included La Raza and the National Urban League, two decidedly liberal entities, reported.

Huckabee said that no matter their ideology, the slush fund violates the Constitution because only Congress can allocate money in that way.

“Somebody ought to go to jail for this,” he said, calling the fund “a case where liberals have played Robin Hood.”

Huckabee went on to say that it would be just as wrong if Republicans had used taxpayer funds for conservative groups.

He said that it violates the Constitution because only Congress can allocate funds.

It’s not the role of bureaucrats or the Executive branch to appropriate money.

Congress has the ‘power of the purse’.

But the Obama administration did it anyway.

Aren’t you glad that the swamp is going to be drained?

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