ANSWERING ISLAM: Will The West Recognize The Threat In Time To Face It?

Written by Larry Usoff on April 10, 2017

Once again…a few questions:

I want you to imagine this with me…you’re standing at the top of a very long hill. The ground is covered with snow. You reach down, pick up a double handful of snow and pack it into a tight snowball. Then you bend down, put the snowball on the ground and give it a gentle push downhill. You know what’s going to happen because you’ve done this before, and you watch as the snowball gathers speed and size. Now, halfway down the hill the snowball has grown mightily in size…it’s now about six feet across and growing with every foot that it descends down the hill. Usually, it hits a tree or a large boulder and stops there, but this time it’s going really fast with a clear path into the little town at the bottom of the hill.

Looking up from his lunch, a man sees the snowball hurtling down towards his house. He knows, from past experiences, that the ball, if not stopped, will hit his house with a devastating force. He also knows that it’s too big to be stopped, so it will have to be broken up somehow and he will be able to handle the smaller pieces easily. Moving quickly, he gathers up a stick of dynamite, cuts the fuse so that it will explode in a certain time. He runs outside about 50 yards from the house with the lit stick of dynamite and tosses it directly into the path of the onrushing behemoth. As he planned, the explosion rips apart the giant snowball and blows it into thousands of small, innocuous pieces that will very quickly be melted by the heat of the sun.

That was the tease, folks. Here’s the reality: the snowball is Islam and the man is Western Civilization. In my not-so-humble opinion, Islam must be destroyed or it will surely destroy Western Civilization. That’s as plain as I can make it. We have seen strategies like this played out throughout history, and what is the saying about history? If we don’t pay attention to it, we are bound to repeat it. Depending upon how far back one goes, there’s Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, Nero, Caligula, Saladin, Hirohito, Ramses, Hitler, Frederick The Great, Napoleon and Mohammed. The ultimate goal has always been the same for these men…subjugation, domination, and in some cases, extermination.

The question here is…why? What was the over-riding thought that each of these men had, to set out to conquer their known world? Could it have been the riches that their conquests brought them? Ask yourself, if you are rich beyond your wildest dreams, what else do you need or want? It’s been said, and memory fails me on this, that it’s not the conquest, but the battle to conquer, that is what makes it all worthwhile. Did all of these men have a common trait…a failing, perhaps, in their makeup, that told them they must rule the world as they knew it? That might be a question for a psychiatrist, but that’s way above my paygrade. Look around you…does a neighbor have a newer car, a bigger house, more lawn space? Do you ever contemplate going to that neighbor’s house and violently obtaining all that they have? I think not, and the rest of that answer should be because you’re civilized and that’s not the way civilization works…but, now and then, that “civilization” breaks down and that’s when we have wars.

Sometimes wars are fought to get what “they” have…be it land, resources, slaves, or whatever the aggressor puts forth as the reason. It really doesn’t matter, especially if you’re the conquered, does it? What is that odd quirk that some men have, that drives them to attempt to subjugate, dominate and exterminate their neighbors? If you have the opportunity to judge some of these aggressors, such as at the Nuremberg trials, you could listen to the reasons put forth by the assembled defendants, trying to explain why they did what they did. Probably the most-used defense was that they were just following orders…and that brought forth a reply that sounded like this: if you knew the order was unjust why did you follow it? One would have to read the transcripts of the trials to hear and understand the answers to that question.

In fiction we hear of all sorts of monsters…the Frankenstein monster, zombies, werewolves, vampires, ghouls and the Grendel from Beowulf. We know they don’t exist so how is it then that throughout history we have real myrmidons? The leaders, we believe, had definite goals in mind when they set out with their armies. What could have been the motivation for the followers then? Were there not any “thinkers” among them? Did none of them ever question the “right” of what they were doing to the people they conquered? Are we to believe that, even today, as you read this, there are myrmidons-in-training, being brain-washed and indoctrinated as to their place in the world? My answer to that last question is a resounding YES!

Parting shot: an article from years back said that the Earth will be drawn into the orbit of the sun and burn up…but not for several million years. We won’t be here to know if it occurs. Shouldn’t we worry, now, about the current plague on Earth, and that is Islam.

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