FULL RETARD: Hillary Said, ‘I’m A Lot Like ‘Wonder Woman’

Published on June 15, 2017

Is there ANYTHING that Hillary WON’T make about herself?

Wonder Woman took theaters by storm. So Hillary had to make it about her.

As usual.

Because since November 9, everything has been about her.

And all of the things that converged to make Hillary lose what was rightfully hers.

Not that she’s a batcrap crazy hosebeast that is wildly unpopular with the average American.

She has to keep peddling the feminist crap that America is a ‘misogynist’ country for not voting for a woman.

It’s imperative that she continue the narrative that she was the woman champion that America needed.

Like Wonder Woman.

One glance and you can see how so very un-Wonder Woman-like she is.

A ‘strong independent woman… fighting to save the world … from an international disaster would be right up my alley’.

Strong, and independent?

Oh please…she barely limped across the finish line against a solitary thousand-year-old opponent… who wasn’t even a DEMOCRAT until the primaries and wouldn’t have even accomplished THAT without Debbie Wasserman-Schultz playing god with the Primaries.

Strong and independent?

She rode the coat-tails of Bill to prominence.

Not only could you not manage your own marriage, you sabotaged the reputations of the various the women Bill violated ‘did not have sexual relations’ with.

Hillary’s not HALF the woman of, say, Condoleeza Rice who speaks a half-dozen languages.

Hillary Clinton is not even the same CLASS as the actress who played Wonder Woman — Gal Godot.

Sure, Godot is gorgeous.. but there’s more. She managed to film this flick while expecting a child! (That’s pretty cool.)

AND she was Miss Israel… AND she studied Law… AND she served in the military. AND she had a modeling career… AND…

(get the idea?)

So, Hillary…

Putting YOUR privileged, pampered ass anywhere CLOSE to the same category as the new ‘Wonder Woman’ is an actual offense to Genuinely strong women.

Share if Hillary needs to disappear and spend her ill-gotten gains on some island somewhere.