LMAO! Hillary’s Recipe To Defeat Terrorism Is Dumb AF!

Written by K. Walker on June 6, 2017

Did you really expect anything intelligent coming out of that cake-hole?

But even in Hillary terms, this one is a doozie.

She decided to run to the defense of the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

Wussified leftist men always need a big, strong woman to come to their defense. Since Michelle was on vacation again, Hillary subbed in. (Though it’s questionable if she’s big, strong, or a ‘woman’.)

You know how it is — those leftists need to stick together and show that ‘united front’ no matter how crazy their ideas are.

Hillary is saying that we’re reacting to this terror attack thing all wrong.

She’s suggesting that wethe Westbow and pay the jizyah need to change our approach.

Let’s not just condemn these attacks, no!

We need to understand others.

Learn about what’s going on in their countries.

Walk a mile in their shoes.

Eat their food.

Watch the insanity:

Yo, Crypt Keeper — I mean, Hillary…

Do you give this same advice to the Jihadis?

Should they maybe start eating bacon cheeseburgers?

Stop throwing gay people off the tops of buildings?

Stop stoning women for being raped?

Denounce child marriages?

Maybe give women some rights?

Or at least allow them to show their faces?

Maybe they could try that whole ‘separation of church and state’ thing instead of a theocracy.

Nah, you can’t expect them to adopt ‘Western’ values because they’re just savages (like Republicans) that are beneath the elite, liberals that know better. Besides, it’s up to the West to change to promote ‘Tolerance’.

This woman has totally lost it.

At this point, I’m thinking she’s farther gone than Nancy Pelosi.

So, Hill, are you going to run again in 2020? Because we’ll keep this video on file…

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