Chicagoland: Slain Anti-Violence Crusader Among This Weekend’s Thirty Shooting Victims

Published on July 17, 2017

Shot in a drive-by. Perhaps his death will shine a spotlight on the cause he fought for.

While CNN has their knickers in a twist about their latest ‘The Russians Are Coming’ saga, there are actual problems in the country.

Like the opioid crisis. Like 2021 people shot so far this year … JUST in Chicago, 381 fatally. (And counting.)

The problem with stories like the deaths in Chicago is they are so impersonal. You see an individual victim’s face splashed across a screen, and it means something. You see a number like 2021 or 381 and your eyes glaze over.

A quote attributed to Stalin says it this way: One death is a tragedy; one million is a statistic.

So let’s work WITH human nature, not against it, and make the story personal again. Let’s HELP people care. Here is one man among the many, his life snuffed out by violence.

A beloved Chicago man is shot and killed just one block away from the anti-violence center where he worked.

Willie Cooper, a businessman and community activist, dedicated his life to helping others, and now, many are rallying to mourn his death. Sunday afternoon, friends hosted an impromptu vigil to pray for and honor Cooper.

…“It’s heartbreaking. We love him. We will miss him,” said Debbie McBounds. It’s people like McBounds who lined up with others at a makeshift memorial, leaving messages expressing their grief over the murder of Cooper.

“He is just the rock of the family — it just destroyed our family,” said Miltonya Covington, Cooper’s niece. “Not just a loss for family, but also for the community.” –Read More


…“He would always try to help anyone — the kids who needed to go to college, he gave money for that, anybody who needed help with their rent,” McBounds said.

Among the mourners was Ald. Howard Brookins, who said he was impressed with Cooper’s commitment to rid the community of gangs by providing jobs.

Bamani Obadele, a long time activist, is angry over Cooper’s death. But he said this incident will not give him pause. “It is our responsibility to not allow Willie Cooper’s murder to be in vein,”[sic] he said.–Read More

There was also a 9-year-old boy shot dead while riding in an SUV.

What makes the death of this man who had devoted his life to helping his neighbors even more tragic? The odds that his killer will face justice.

Chicago police currently solve about 30 percent of the city’s homicides, said a department spokesman, Anthony Guglielmi. In Houston, a city of comparable size, that figure is 56 percent, according to a spokesman for the Houston Police Department. In Philadelphia, it’s 49 percent. – Read More

If the news were interested in putting Truth above Ratings (not holding our breath, because their own guy said ‘that’s adorable’) we’d be hearing more about the Willie Coopers of the world, and less recycled political nonsense.

But for that to happen, they’d have to read this and grow a pair.

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