Would These ‘Simple Fixes’ Solve Some Major National Headaches?

Written by Candace Hardin on September 28, 2017

There are many problems facing the United States at this time. There is healthcare revision, filibuster or no filibuster, immigration issues and the lack of respect for the flag to name a few.

Sometimes it all seems insurmountable, but if a few no nonsense fixes are put in place, many of these things would be resolved easily.

The Affordable Healthcare Act could be redeemed if the following changes were made:
Eliminate the penalties and create a price list for similar services. Across the board, make a list for the allowable charge for office visits, operations, outpatient services, etc. For example, a normal office visit with a doctor would be $75.00. Patient pays a $ 40.00 copay and the insurance company pays the doctor the balance. A gall bladder removal should cost the same in Seattle as it costs in Savannah. A comprehensive list of services for every state with exact patient responsibility and exact pay out of balance to physicians would take much of the burden off of both patient, insurance carriers and medical caregiver.

The same could be done for all categories of healthcare for hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. There would be a hue and a cry by the greedy Big Pharma, but they would have to go along with it. With the elimination of penalties, those who choose not to insure themselves, know their cost upfront. They could have healthcare savings to pay cash for their needs.

To filibuster or not to filibuster, that would be the question.
Eliminate the filibuster, and install the line item veto for the President.

Many great bills are cast aside because one side of the aisle or the other is in disagreement with a portion of the bill, or the pork and special interest lines that have been added.

The line item veto would eliminate the need to trash the bill. The President could mark out the parts that were not necessary and the good bill could become a law.

Most of the self-serving occupants of the House and Senate wouldn’t like this idea, as their special interests might get canned by the current POTUS.

The voters need to apply pressure and term limits to deter that type of behavior, because the House and Senate are supposed to represent the people. They have been allowed to be career politicians for far too long and it needs to stop. Don’t just drain the swamp, eliminate its source.

Immigration and DACA present greater challenges, but can also be contained for the good of all with a few guidelines.

DACA card holders who are already in the program without any criminal background should be allowed to stay as guest workers. The program should end in 2018 and not be reopened. These Dreamers can continue on here in the USA. A path to alien status could be given after ten years of renewing their cards and living responsible, law abiding lives.

There will be no need of the program after 2018, if the wall is built and illegal immigration is stopped. After the wall is in place and all criminal illegals have been deported or detained, a work visa could be issued to the law abiding illegals that want to stay.

The immigration system is overburdened and broken. It needs a large influx of qualified workers who are under enforceable deadlines, and no new applications should be accepted until 2018. By that time the applications in process could be properly investigated and the necessary documents issued. This would build the economy as well by creating thousands of living wage jobs.

A definitive number of immigrants per year should be decided on and when the application process is reopened that number should be in completion within a year’s time, every time, no exceptions.

Standing for the flag and the national anthem, everyone has the right to believe as they would like and do as they like.

However, I would advise those who live in the United States, and enjoy their rights, to remember that a United States service member (s) has been wounded or died for you to act like an ungrateful fool.

Many are protesting because their communities are mistreated and downtrodden, and cite that as their excuse to disrespect the men and women who have fought under the American Flag, and the country that has led them to prosperity.

The majority of those who use this excuse are extremely well off because of the opportunities here in the US.

Here are two simple fixes and one solution.

First, please take it upon yourself to be sure you stringently and properly parent all of your children. Unbroken homes with both a mother and father tend to have more well-adjusted children.

Second, you have a checkbook and a pen, go into these underprivileged communities and invest in the future of the youth. Invest in the needs of your community. It is probable that most of these protesters do not even live in the districts and neighborhoods they claim to support, like Maxine Waters, (D-CA,) she lives in an upscale neighborhood far from the district she is supposed to represent. Try to eliminate your hypocrisy first, before going into these neighbors to help develop these communities with your OWN money.

The government is not responsible for every single need of every single person. Use your wealth to make a difference. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Remember, Michael Jackson sang that he was going to change the “Man in the Mirror”!

Third, if neither of the first two options suit you, feel free to move to a country where you will feel happier, comfortable and more welcome.

Just be sure to leave the wealth accumulated under the evil capitalistic USA. These funds should be confiscated as payment of services rendered under all government programs, and also used for Gold Star families that are missing a face or faces at their tables.

Your new home country could be extremely therapedic to all sports figures, liberal politicians, entertainers and those who haven’t learned yet to adult properly.

A new venue could help to cure each and every one of you of the EXTREME and VULGAR NARCISSISM of which you are suffering from such an excess. You’re not all that after all, get over yourself.

This suggestion is by happy coincidence a twofold solution.

For every disgruntled American that finds a new home country, an immigrant that wants just a tiny piece of what you have been given a chance to accomplish in the USA could be installed in your place!


photo credit: Excerpted from: blakeemrys pushme via photopin (license)

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Candace Hardin
Candace Hardin resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She is fluent in Spanish and a student of Latin and history. She is a columnist on PolitiChicks.tv. and has a blog, kandisays.blogspot.com. Originally from North Carolina, her writing and beliefs have been heavily influenced by the Appalachian culture and tradition.