Dear Trump Haters: If Trump’s A ‘Hitler’ WHY Is He, Of All Presidents, TRIMMING Executive Power?

Published on November 25, 2017

Remember all those ‘Doomsday’ Predictions involving President Trump? Where are they now?

So, which is it? “Evil Authoritarian”, or “Abiding by Constitutional Checks and Balances”? It really can’t be both.

What was it they called Trump?

‘Hitlerian’, wasn’t it?

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Yes, Chris Matthews called him that.

Many of the others newsies and pundits weren’t much better.

Democrats were even afraid Trump would start an illegal (Nuclear) war.

A retired Air Force general has told the Senate that an order from President Donald Trump or any of his successors to launch nuclear weapons can be refused by the top officer at US Strategic Command if that order is determined to be illegal.
Source: Independent

Where was their concern with what the LAST administration was doing?

The same media that said Obama had ‘zero scandals’, acknowledged his war in Libya was illegal once upon a time.

But Trump has been in office for the better part of a year now. What has he done?

Has he used his ‘pen and his phone’ to bypass the legal constraints of his office? Has ICE been militarized, and is it systematically rounding up people by the hundreds of thousands, like we were told they would?


In fact, time and again, he’s left judging to the courts — even re-fining and re-filing Executive orders that were struck down by some of the most politically biased courts in the land.

He’s left legislating to the Legislative Branch — DACA for example — and has even been loudly denounced by the media for NOT overstepping his authority.

His pattern of DEVOLVING power is precisely the OPPOSITE of the power-grab they figured this ‘narcissistic’ and ‘authoritian’ ‘tyrant’ would have executed.

You wouldn’t know it from viewing policy through the prism of the president’s Twitter feed, which is filled with cajoling and insult toward the legislative branch, but Trump has on multiple occasions taken an executive-branch power-grab and kicked the issue back to Congress, where it belongs. As detailed here last month, the president has taken this approach on Iran sanctions, Obamacare subsidies, and the Deferred Action Against Childhood Arrivals program (DACA), at minimum. And notably, his one Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, was most famous pre-appointment for rejecting the deference that courts have in recent decades given to executive-branch regulatory agencies interpreting the statutory language of legislators.
…Are there any other examples? Sure—the 15 regulatory nullifications this year via the Congressional Review Act (14 more than all previous presidents combined) are definitionally power-transfers from the executive to legislative. And certainly, the sharp decreases in the enactment, proposal, and even page-count of regulations amount to the administration declining to exercise as much power as its predecessors.
Source: Reason

Combine that with his systematic slashing of government red tape (strike two rules for every new one offered) and we have a government shifting power back to where it belongs.

Strange, isn’t it, how a ‘constitutional expert’ in office not long before him wasn’t willing to do the same?

It couldn’t have been that he was putting lust for power, and his preferred policies above what the rule of law spelled out for him, is it?

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