Who Wore It Better? Melania V. Michelle Floral Gown Battle Royale!

They both wore floor-length floral gowns — but, who wore it BETTER?

Melania has an impeccable sense of style.

She has consistently worn stunning outfits throughout President Trump’s administration, and long before when he was the Republican Nominee.

Her outfit on Inauguration Day was subdued, simple, and classy.

She is a woman of glamour and elegance.

Her fashion sense has spread to Europe’s royals.

But of course, her Critics just HAVE to find fault. Otherwise, she might outshine what’s-her-name in those Pantsuits. And they are very careful to reserve any praise for those who check the right political boxes. That’s how we wind up with headlines like this: Melania Trump DROWNS her incredible figure in oversized black dress in Beijing They can’t help but be catty, no matter HOW good she looks. (You can judge for yourself whether she was ‘drowning’ her figure.)

She was — in our opinion — stunning again in a floor-length ‘Asian-inspired’ black gown with soft pink flowers.

Check it out:

Michelle wore a floral dress, too.  It wasn’t the most hideous thing she’s ever worn, but then there’s debate around what that would be.

Now that you’ve seen them both, what do you think?

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