Parkland High School’s Feckless Deputy Is Now Cashing Big Pension Checks

Published on May 16, 2018

Instead of ‘facing the music’ Deputy Scott Peterson is riding off into the sunset, sitting on a nice, fat wallet.

Remember the deputies in Broward County who stood outside for those painfully long minutes while students and teachers in Parkland were dropping like flies?

They’ve been dubbed ‘the Cowards of Broward’ by at least one of the students who was fortunate enough to survive being abandoned by the police whose job it was to keep them safe.

Well, while bereaved families do what they can to put their shattered lives back together the most notorious of the four deputies, Scott Peterson, is making bank.

Rather than face the public, or an inquiry for what he had done, or his dereliction of duty, the deputy immediately took his retirement.

What does that retirement look like? Every month he gets to cash a check for $8,702.35. For doing nothing.

Peterson began to receive his pension in April, according to the Florida Department of Management Services. He can receive the payments for the rest of his life.

The 55-year-old Peterson, a deputy for 32 years, was paid $101,879.03 last year, according to sheriff’s office records. Until the shooting, he was considered a trusted school resource officer at Stoneman Douglas, according to annual reviews of his performance.

Source: Sun Sentinel

Doing nothing — isn’t that what he did on Valentines Day, 2018, when it was his job to come to the rescue?

And yes, it WAS his job to run in there. The proof is right there.


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