Which Do You Think America Spends More On, Border Security, Or Childbirth Costs Of Illegals?

Written by Wes Walker on October 10, 2018

There is more than one way of keeping that promise of making Mexico pay the costs of the wall.

For example, we could stop incentivizing illegals to come over the border and have their kids here — at our expense.

As it happens, that expense is considerable.

By ‘considerable’, I mean, ‘more than we’re paying to build the wall’.

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Americans are paying more to cover the costs of illegal immigrants having children in the United States than Congress plans to give President Trump in border wall funding this year, according to an explosive new analysis of Census Bureau data.

The new report reveals that women in the United States illegally had 297,000 children in 2014 at a cost of $2.4 billion.

That is $800 million more than the Senate has approved for Trump’s border wall this year and enough to pay for the wall over 10 years.
Source: Washington Examiner

Add that information to the fact that the number of illegals in America are far higher than anyone had previously claimed:

Our conservative estimate is 16.7 million for 2016, nearly fifty percent higher than the most prominent current estimate of 11.3 million, which is based on survey data and thus different sources and methods. The mean estimate based on our simulation analysis is 22.1 million, essentially double the current widely accepted estimate.
Source: Cato

And suddenly all those claims of illegal immigration being a ‘net benefit’ to the economy look pretty lame indeed.

By these numbers, the expense of one single year’s worth of illegal immigrants having babies here in America would more than pay for the wall.

Suddenly, ‘making Mexico pay for it’ looks a lot easier.

Add a change to the law that only the children of mothers lawfully present in America are granted US citizenship, and we might be well on our way to having sensible immigration priorities again.

Even the most hopelessly landlocked Trump fan can unleash their ‘inner surfer’ with this one!

There is no question, Trump is the ‘Big Kahuna’ of politics.

News network can’t go two stories without bringing his name into the conversation one way or another.

He is, once again defying all political odds, and is whipping up strength down-ticket on the Mid-terms.

He stuck to his guns over Kavanaugh and convinced the Senate to do the same, and the polls are showing it!

Not long ago, the Media(D) were excitedly chattering about a blue wave. Then the gap narrowed.

And now?

Now, it’s looking like this:

A bright red wave. It captured his Don’t GAF style nicely.

The art on his board is a nice touch, too.

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