Amazon Bans Patriot’s Book On COVID19 – Here’s The 411

Written by K. Walker on April 23, 2020

Imagine working your butt off to get a book written and ready for publication, but then have Amazon nix it just hours after it goes up. That’s what happened to Skip.

Life is tough for a lot of people with widespread lockdowns preventing them from earning money while businesses are shut down. Clearly, some of the hardest hit are Americans that run their own business–like Skip Coryell. His business, Midwest Tactical Training, has been shut down by the government by the coronavirus “flat curvers” who seem to want to wait to reopen when the virus magically disappears. Skip can still do home defense shows, but can’t do the training and classes which has significantly impacted his income.

But Skip is a real go-getter and doesn’t give up so easily. He decided that a novel approach was in order–quite literally.

On April 1, Skip began writing a novel about what he knew–a Christian, conservative, pro-2A novel about the impact of COVID-19.

Skip lives in the state run by Governor Gretchen “No Seeds For You!” Whitmer. He wanted his book to come out before the lockdown orders imposed by “That Woman From Michigan” expired.

It was a heck of a timeline, but Skip buckled-down and did it. Like an absolute beast, he wrote a chapter a day for 17 days and got it ready for publication. It wasn’t just a story, though. It has some practical tips at the end about choosing a firearm and survival stuff.  [Editor’s note: I’m seriously impressed by that!]

Skip titled it “The Covid Chronicles: Surviving the Upgrade” and he put it up for sale on Amazon. It was available for purchase on April 19.

Just 12 hours later, he got an email from Amazon saying that the book didn’t comply with their guidelines because they were cracking down on “disinformation” regarding COVID-19.

This is a novel.

But, of course, Skip didn’t give up, so he decided to self-publish with money out of his own pocket. He also wrote back to Amazon appealing the decision.

Skip spoke about it on his podcast:

In the end, Amazon reviewed the book and decided it didn’t violate the policy after all.

Skip pushing back made all of the difference.

But now, he’s got some physical copies that he’s offering at a discount.

Go on and help a guy out.

Buy your copy on Amazon or get your autographed copy at White Feather Press.

Don’t forget to give Skip a great Amazon review after you’ve read and love his book.

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