CAJUN NAVY: Ordinary Folks Step Up Again To Remind Us How Awesome America Really Is

Written by Wes Walker on August 28, 2020

The hurricane hit Lousiana like a sledgehammer. There were instances of heavy damage. And right away, look who’s coming to the rescue — again.

It began as a few outdoorsmen with boats and high-water vehicles pitching in to help after a disaster. They were joined by a few more. And then a few more.

Before long, they became an organized group of citizen emergency-responders rendering aid to people trapped by floodwaters after a major storm.

With Hurricane Laura ripping through Lake Charles and packing a punch in the process, the Cajun Navy was getting prepped even before the storm made landfall.

The Cajun Navy is a non-profit citizen-led organization founded in 2016 dedicated to organizing non-critical rescues and relief efforts during natural disasters.

“As communities in Louisiana and Texas anticipate the landfall of Hurricane Laura, Cajun Navy Relief is actively working to support local officials in the effort of securing resources and providing rescue aid to individuals expected to face impacts of the hurricane,” Cajun Navy President Colleen Udell said in a statement.

Staging teams have been deployed to the Lake Charles area and Lafayette Parish in Louisiana, as well as Beaumont, Texas, in anticipation of flooding, Udell said. —USAToday

While a handful of spoiled punks educated into imbecility do their damndest to rip the nation to shreds, salt-of-the-earth folks like this spend their time in emergencies preparing to find others that need help.

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