If The The Riots Were A ‘Dangerous Insurrection Plot’ … Why Did This Guy Get Out Without Bail?

Written by Wes Walker on January 18, 2021

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The more we learn about the events on January 6th, the more questions we have.

Some of them are obvious, like why were warnings and requests for additional security blown off? A cynical person might wonder if some on the left were actually hoping for things to get out of hand.

But there’s something else that doesn’t add up.

If we are supposed to believe the official story that the riot was some kind of an ‘insurrection’ attempt to ‘overthrow the government’ (a neat trick, considering history provides no examples of insurrection attempts where the participants are unarmed) that leaves us with a question.

Why are the same people who celebrated and mocked the death of Ashli Babbitt not outraged by one of the participants — who has been accused of fomenting political violence on social media — being set free without bail?

On January 15, John Sullivan made his first appearance in court following his alleged association with the riots that took place at the United States Capitol, last week.

During his appearance, prosecutors asked for Sullivan to be held in jail before his trial, stating Sullivan ‘thrives on chaos’ and incites violent riots when engaged in social media.

Despite the objections, officials determined to release Sullivan from the court but under the following conditions:

Maintain or actively seek full-time employment (as approved by a pretrial officer)
Wear a GPS monitor
Prohibited from possessing any weapons
Subjected to strict internet monitoring
Undergo a mental health evaluation
Abide living/travel restrictions
Must not travel outside of Utah unless authorized
Must surrender passport
Restricted to home (except for when working, attending religious services, medical treatment, and other court-approved activities) —ABC4

Again, we emphasize… set free ‘without bail’.

John Sullivan, the 26-year-old left-wing activist who recorded up-close video of a woman’s fatal shooting during the Capitol siege Jan. 6, was released without bail on a handful of federal charges.-FoxNews

Sullivan wasn’t just present at the riots, he is alleged to have played an active role, based on footage he himself provided.

He was present at the moment where Ashlii was shot and was no mere silent onlooker to the events that unfolded, either.

Is this getting special treatment that some of the other participants would not be getting?

If so, what’s the lesson we’re supposed to take away here?

Is it that the legal system itself isn’t buying the official narrative about this being an ‘insurrection’?

Or is it we have become so thoroughly corrupted that the legal system takes political affiliations into account in deciding how to handle charges against the accused?

Because if we’ve already come to that point, do we still even have a justice system?

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