Parents Say 15 Yr-Old’s Suicide Due To Relentless Bullying About Vaccination Status

Written by K. Walker on April 28, 2022

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The vilification of the unvaccinated needs to end. This is why.

A lawsuit filed on Monday against the Latin School of Chicago by the parents of Nate Bronstein states that he took his life in January after relentless bullying started over a false rumor that he was unvaccinated against COVID-19.

The Tenth-grade student transferred to Latin from Francis Parker School because Latin continued with in-person learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Robert and Rosellene Bronstein were concerned about their son’s transition to the new school and had been in contact with the administration over their concerns. After the bullying began, they brought the situation to the school’s attention hoping to have the issue addressed. They also contacted the parents of the alleged bullies.

The Bronsteins’ lawsuit accuses administrators at Latin of “willful failure” to do anything about the bullying despite repeated complaints made by both Nate and his parents.

The gut-wrenching thing is that despite the incessant torment that Nate was subjected to that began with the rumor that he was unvaccinated — the rumor was untrue. Nate had been vaccinated. The bullying then escalated and the teen thought this was beyond what he could bear and he took his life on January 13 of this year.

A student at the school, whose parents are named in the suit, spread a false rumor that the boy was unvaccinated, the suit alleges. Though he was vaccinated, the boy was harassed about his perceived vaccination status, the suit says. The Bronsteins reached out to the student’s family about the alleged harassment, according to the suit.

The bullying escalated from there, according to the lawsuit. He was told by a teacher in front of a class that he was going “nowhere in life,” the suit alleges, and was cyberbullied in a group text message thread by members of the junior varsity basketball team and on the social media app Snapchat. A Snapchat message circulated around the school said of the boy: “Ur a terrible person.”

On Dec. 13, a student sent a Snapchat message to the boy encouraging him to kill himself, the suit alleges.

N.B. then met with a Latin administrator to report the bullying, the suit says, but the administrator did not discipline any of the students involved in the cyberbullying.
Source: Chicago Tribune

The Bronsteins claim that the elite private school knew the extreme extent of the bullying but failed to notify them despite their own repeated complaints made to administrators.

“Our son would still be alive today if Latin would have done their job and reported to us what had gone on within the school,” said Rose Bronstein.

The Bronsteins say they were never told that on Dec. 13, 2021, Nate asked for a meeting with his dean of students to report that several students were bullying him via a text message thread provided to CBS 2, and on Snapchat.

One of those Snapchats, according to the lawsuit, encouraged Nate to kill himself. Another used a phrase that’s understood to be an indirect death threat.

The dean listened, but took no disciplinary action, according to the filing.

And exactly one month later, Nate’s father found him hanging from a shower in the bathroom in their home. A noose was tied around his neck.
Source: CBS Chicago

The Cook County filing names the school, several employees, and parents of the alleged bullies as defendants.

The Bronsteins say that they’re not looking for money — they have committed to donating any money gained through a lawsuit to antibullying and antisuicide charities.

Robert Bronstein says that he “can’t allow this kind of thing to go on” and doesn’t want it to happen to another family.

He also said that his son was just 15 years old and that his perception of what he couldn’t or couldn’t handle “wasn’t necessarily accurate” which is why there are policies in place at schools to “err on the side of transparency” and include parents.

After N.B.’s death, Head of School Randall Dunn and some board members “conspired to withhold all of the above information from law enforcement authorities, from the full Latin Board, from other constituents of Latin and from N.B.’s family,” the suit alleges.

The suit asks for an award of $100,000,000 on multiple counts of the suit. In a news release, the Bronsteins said they plan to share any money from the suit with anti-bullying organizations.

They said they demanded the school commit to an outside investigation, but Latin refused.

“My son was so alone,” Rosellene Bronstein said in the release. “Not only were the administrators who were supposed to protect him ignoring his cries for help, but they had the self-serving gall to try to protect their own reputations after his death rather than just having the decency of being honest with his grieving family. This is a legal and moral failure that has caused us indescribable pain and agony.”
Source: Chicago Tribune

Watch the investigative report by CBS Chicago including an interview with Robert and Rosellen Bronstein.

Absolutely heartbreaking.

There is a concerted effort to target the unvaccinated for harassment and that clearly played a role in this tragic incident.

A new study from Canada is pushing this same nonsense.

Here are a few recent headlines from major Canadian news outlets pushing this narrative:

The study itself was conducted by a pro-vaccine, pro-lockdown MD who worked for both Pfizer and AstraZeneca. Rebel News founder Ezra Levant notes that the conflict of interest wasn’t mentioned.

Bullying is always awful. This bullying began with something that is being pushed in the media — what the left calls “othering” of people.

The dehumanization and vilification of the unvaccinated has real-world costs.

This teen was bullied because of a rumor that he was not vaccinated for a virus that he was in the lowest category of risk from serious illness or death.

Every public health official, politician, media personality, and celebrity that pushes this “othering” of the unvaccinated are complicit.

“If it saves just one life” was something they said about the vaccines — but what about their rhetoric and their policies?

More teens have killed themselves because of lockdowns than died from COVID. This teen who was in the highest risk group for myocarditis from the jabs got it anyway and was subjected to abuse over rumors that he was one of the “unclean” people who have a myriad of reasons why they didn’t get the shots.

It’s an absolute tragedy what happened to Nate Bronstein. It was also very likely preventable.

Bronstein Complaint (Filed … by Adam Harrington

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Bronstein family.

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