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BORDER BATTLE: Docu Series Shows The Horrors Are Even Worse Than You Thought (VIDEO)

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NYC’s mayor called a state of emergency over a few busloads of migrants. But that’s not even the tip of the iceberg we ALL face right now.

When the media falls silent determined to shield a party from responsibility, it takes something more than a sanitized report describing a problem.

It takes something gritty, with the kind of images that are hard to look away from.

We are up against an enemy that is making hundreds of dollars a week with the people and contraband coming over our border.

Mexican cartels are being supplied by Chinese ingredients to create a monster fentanyl problem in America that is on pace to become the #1 cause of death in the 18-45 demographic. Some groups believe it’s already taken top spot.

The same man who said Trump ‘should resign’ after 200k people died from a virus that nobody could have kept out of America threw open the border allowing criminal cartels free access to the American markets. In Joe’s first year in office, more than 100k Americans died from fentanyl poisoning, while Joe and the various departments under him have flatly refused to close the border.

Shockingly, Kamala’s cackling has not singlehandedly solved our border crisis. It’s time for some hard truth about what’s really going on there.

If you have undecided friends who think the border is no big deal, why not challenge them to watch some of this series with you and discuss what they thought about it? If it’s overblown, it should be easy to refute, right?

The media doesn’t want us talking about it. Neither do the Democrats.

We saw them throw the same cone of silence over Hunter’s laptop. The more they try to suppress a story the more likely it’s a critical issue to address… BEFORE the undecideds (and some Democrats) cast their ballots next month.

Wondering where to find it? Click here: Watch Salem Now

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