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Hillary’s New USMC: Lying and Betraying is A-OK!

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My Apology Letter to This Liberal White Boy’s ‘Handicap’

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Why Liberals Are WRONG About a Dead Gorilla AND #BlackLivesMatter

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Could This GOP Amnesty Lover Have a Shot at Redemption?

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Is Donald Trump a Foreign Conservative in Ted Cruz’s Court?

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ANOTHER CRUZ CLASSIC: How A GOP Amnesty Lover Lied Before Christmas

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AMERICA’S COWARDS Are The Answer To Jihadist ‘Prayers’

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TED CRUZ: Showed Us That He’s The Kind Of Leader That America Needs

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TED CRUZ: Is The Biggest Elephant in the Room

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HUMAN BODY PARTS FOR SALE: Keep Your Liberalism Off My Organs

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LIBERAL DNA: The Democrats are Rising Again

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The Scarlet Letter, Bruce Jenner, and Liberal Purists

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Liberal Teachers and the Curse of Being Born in America

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EQUAL BUT INFERIOR: Fundamentally Transforming America’s Military

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Teaching America to Tolerate Female-Teacher Sex with Students

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Dear America: Who Offers Hope in 2016?

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Does Homosexuality Turn a Neurosurgeon Naive?