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A Taste of Totalitarianism! — At Boston Children’s Hospital?!?

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Super Bowl Lessons for America: Strong Defense or Strong Offense?

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‘Fixing’ Income Inequality: Obama’s Train Wreck Continues

bowers train wreck

Iranian Techies and the Obama Administration

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Christie Longing for Those Good, Ol’ Days (w/ Obama) …


Obamacare: Even More Fun With Wheelchairs (Death Panels Don’t Die)

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Obamacare — Pushing the Nation Over a Cliff

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Will Democrats Get ‘Duck Dynasty’ Desperate?

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Duck Dynasty Prompts Head-Scratching Among the Big-Wigs

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Grim Days in Academia? Profs Souring on Barack Obama?

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Really? Obama’s Silly Olympics Parade

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Will ‘Santa’ Bring a Lump of Coal to Megyn Kelly This Year?

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Never a Dull Moment: Crisis Creation Committee Hard at Work

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More Fun Antics at Mandela’s Funeral

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Hmmm … President Obama Assuming the Mandela Mantle?

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The Obamas Chat with Barbara Walters — Oddness Follows


Tin Woodsman, Meet Obamacare


“Nuclear” Harry Reid Versus the Founders

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Democratic Dilemma: Stupid or Dishonest Re Obamacare Lie?

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Obama’s ‘Obamazombs’ Still Hangin’ in There


Plunging Approval Ratings of Congress — No Surprise

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Obamacare and the President’s On-The-Job Learning Style of Leadership …

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ZZZZZZ … Did the President Sleep Through Class Or …?


Early Warnings! What Coming Fun Does Obamacare Hold for America?


Happy Birthday, Marine Corps! Thank You, American Veterans!

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Food Stamps Cut — More Obama Manipulation on the Way?

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The President Reminds Us Freedom and Obamacare Don’t Mix Easily.

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