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Life, Liberty and Justice for SOME

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Obama’s Milwaukee Strategy: Make it WORSE

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Here’s the INSANE Amount of Liberal Hypocrisy Present at the DNC

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Would You Support a Bill That Makes Killing Police a Federal Crime?

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Is The Media LYING by Omission Concerning the Killing of Police Officers?


Will The Summer Of 2016 Go Down In History As ‘The Summer Of Blood’?

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Should Black Americans Make Their Own Nation Within America?

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Here Are Real Ideas That Make America Safer — But Require You to FIGHT Back

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NOT EVERY AMERICAN Hates the Police: ‘Dear Officer, I See You’ (Video)

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VIRTUAL ‘LYNCHING’ of Whites Going Unreported — Where’s the Media?


How The Dallas Shooting Points the Way to Mob Rule in America

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Why Are We STILL Not Allowed to Honestly Discuss Baltimore’s Problems?

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DEAR OBAMA: Is #Orlando Just Another Case of Work-Place Violence?

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DEAR AMERICA: Do You Believe That Anti-Gun Politicians Are Completely Corrupt?

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THREE WAYS JUST THIS WEEK That Obama Has Made You and Your Family Less Safe

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SIX STEPS for Dealing With the Threat of Radical Islam


ISIS Hackers Are Now Targeting Cops After Putting Out THIS List

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