Real Hardship: Muslims Attack Christians In Nigeria

Written by Andres Ortiz on March 2, 2013

Muslims Attack Christians In NigeriaIn Nigeria, Christians have been particularly under fire by the local Muslim organizations. What a surprise. This past month eight members of a church in Mubi were killed and the main suspects are terrorists from the Islamic group Boko Haram. These kinds of attacks have paralyzed the Nigerian brethren in fear. They are too scared to leave their house after 8PM, go grocery shopping, or even attend church sometimes. The same Islamic peaceable group killed almost 50 Christian students at Federal Polytechnic in Mubi just last year.

Let these kinds of events remind you that there is a world outside of American Christianity. They don’t have root beer float night for their youth group in Nigeria, they don’t get to jump on a bus and spend the weekend with their Christian friends on a “mission trip.” Their faith is like a death warrant to them. The same is happening in Sudan, China, and Germany. Persecution does not begin with violence. It begins by stripping the church of its power, its influence, its pride, and then the flogging begins.

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