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SEND HILLARY CIGARS: Hillary Ticked As 1000s Send Cigars To Her Campaign Office

Apparently Hillary Clinton doesn’t like cigars – and you can send her some too.

Hillary Clinton is reportedly furious and abashed as several thousand cigars were recently delivered to her office in protest of her announcement that she would run for President in 2016. Thanks to Send Clinton Cigars (, a service that allows you to anonymously purchase cigars and have them directly mailed to Clinton, tens of thousands of Americans are blatantly reminding her of her first stay in the White House. For those with short term memory loss, this was reportedly the sexual act of President Bill Clinton who used a cigar to pleasure White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Send Clinton Cigars site sports a non so subtle tagline of “Clinton / Lewinsky 2016 · Don’t Blow It!” beside a logo against smoking; cigars to be assumed.

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