Watch: Mark Steyn’s Anti-CNN Rant Is Frickin’ Hilarious & Perfect!

Published on June 29, 2017

You’ll be howling when you hear what he calls the ‘least nutty thing’ CNN has done in the last few weeks, the nearest thing to real news!

And Acosta’s ‘pinned tweet’ keeps getting funnier every day.

Here is Steyn’s interview.

Steyn has an ability to turn a phrase that few can rival.

Some people can savagely mock a bad idea and come off sounding angry. Not Steyn, he does it while laughing, and he gets his audience laughing, too!


To understand the potato chip reference they make at the beginning, it helps to know that Carlson’s monolog used an analogy of a snack food company with a potato chip monopoly figuring out how to handle an upstart competitor with better chips at the same price.

You could improve your product, or you could berate those who buy the competitor’s chips. CNN has gone with Plan B.

The ‘nothing burger’ story they are talking about was a second Project Veritas clip in which CNN’s Van Jones called the Russia story a ‘nothing burger’.

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