LMAO! Look How Much The French President Spent On His MAKEUP In The Last 3Months

Published on August 25, 2017

What’s next, the powdered wig and ruffles?

Maybe he’s born with it…
Maybe it’s a friggin’ King’s ransom in makeup!

Some national leaders surround themselves with the trappings of power — say, a military uniform — to project a sense of power.

Some might make careful use of setting, history, and continuity — like American Presidents do with the Oval Office.

And others just want to be the fairest of them all.

According to Le Point, Macron, 39, spent over $30,000 on makeup during his first three months as president of France. Macron’s personal makeup artist, “Natacha M,” who worked on Macron during the presidential campaign, gave two bills, one for roughly $12,000 and another for roughly $19,000.

The Elysee Palace defended the beauty spree, stating, “We called in a contractor as a matter of urgency.” — DailyMail

That’s almost $10k… a MONTH!

For perspective, that’s about 5 days worth of makeup for Kim freaking Kardashian!

This isn’t the first time her daily beauty routine has been revealed.

Writing for Racked last year, make-up artist, Arabella Sicardi, divulged that it takes over 40 products (excluding skincare) and over 50 steps for Kim to complete her daily make-up routine – a fact she found out about when she attended a contouring masterclass with Kim’s long-time friend and make-up artist, Mario Dedivanovic.

Sicardi also revealed that it costs over $1,200 in products to get Kim Kardashian’s look. Ouch! —MarieClaire

However soft your skin might feel after all that work…

It’s still not a good look.

He might want to reassign some of his beauty prep time to solving that recurring problem with Jihadis attacking cops in Paris.

Also, the President before him took a lot of heat for spending too much on haircuts.

Hollande was accused of “shampoo socialism” because he spent over $115,000 over five years on his personal barber, Olivier Benhamou. -DailyWire

That works out to about $2k a month.

You think tight pores will be an easier sell in the same country that once executed thier own aristocracy?

Should he really be rolling those dice?

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